Photography of Redheads, Gingers & Red Hair


Being pioneers of ‘All Things Nice and Gingerful’, we wanted to prove to you just how seriously we take our commitment (aren’t we nice?).

From flowers to cows, we’re constantly on the hunt for beautiful ginger goodness!


Store: RED HOT "British Boys" 2018 Calendar

Looking for your next ginger boyfriend? Of course you are – red-haired men are fiery, eye-catching, and, above all, red hot. Read More »

Photography: Red Hot British Boys 2018

Looking for your next ginger boyfriend? Of course you are – red-haired men are fiery, eye-catching, and, above all, red hot. Allow the latest Red Hot calendar to help you select your new favourite redhead (because you can never have too many). Like every calendar since the project began in 2013, Thomas Knights’s and Elliott … Read More »

Photography: 'Redhead Beauty' Book

As the world continues to go through its redhead epiphany of realising that ginger hair is actually amazing (duh), more and more people are joining the cause and helping to spread the word. And American photographer Brian Dowling is doing just that with his Redhead Beauty book, a striking photo collection of redheaded women. For … Read More »

French Redhead Exhibition To Challenge Gingerism

Being largely UK-based, the Ginger Parrot team knows only too well the attitudes towards red hair in Britain, but did you know that French redheads suffer a similar level of ginger prejudice? Photographer Pascal Sacleux’s project, ‘Exposition Bretagne Ornements de rousseur’, plans to empower redheads and spread the beauty of gingerness (or “la roussitude”) across … Read More »

Photography: Fairytale Portraits of Redheads and Foxes

Redhead fox photography2Russian photographer Alexandra Bochkareva loves redheads so much that she constantly takes photos of them. Ginger photography is her favourite thing to do and we can’t blame her, particularly when her latest collection of redheads with foxes is so cute and mind-blowing! In the collection, Alexandra uses a manual Helios 77m-4 lens to capture trained fox … Read More »

Store: RED HOT 2017 Calendars

Your annual dose of RED HOT ginger men is here! Pre-order now, while you can! Read More »

'Ginger Stories' Exhibition Challenges British Prejudices of Redheads

GingerStoriesPhotos001_1Redhead bullying is a story told too often by individuals in the UK who have ginger hair – a story that needs to stop. But in many other parts of the world, the phenomenon of “gingerism” is totally unheard of. Nina Dodd, a Finnish photographer, was astounded by the idea when she first came to the UK, … Read More »

Photos: Redhead Day UK 2016

We loved meeting you at this year’s Redhead Day UK event in Angel, London, on Saturday 17 September (particularly the giant ginger 360-degree photo!). Here is a selection of the official Redhead Day UK 2016 photos! View the full collection at and contact Nina Dodd Photography for print purchases. Read More »

Red Hot II: Gingers Like You've Never Seen Before

REDHOT2 - Kickstarter 2016With the whole world finally realising that ginger hair is red hot, natural redheads are in demand. You’ve probably noticed more gingers in TV ads, fashion campaigns, and more dyed redhead celebrities appearing on the scene, too – the world is (ginger) nuts for redheads. And a large part of this cultural shift is down to … Read More »

Irish Redheads In The Frame At Cork Airport Exhibition

Redheads-photography-Ireland-1Celebrating five years of portraits of gingers taken at the Irish Redhead Convention, photographer Jörg Köster will exhibit his stunning photos in a new exhibition at Cork International Airport from 7-31 March 2016. Photographer Jörg Köster has snapped over a thousand individual red-haired men, women and children at the last five Irish Redhead Convention events, … Read More »




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