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‘Gingles’ (Ginger Giggles)

Fancy a giggle, most likely at gingers’ expense? We don’t take ourselves too seriously, so we’ve created Giggles to collect artefacts of ginger funniness.

‘From a ginger’s perspective’ – @jaxwritessongs

What it’s like ‘Being Ginger’

Redheaded comic artist has reimagined her book Being Ginger as a video!

Music video: O.G. (Original Ginger) by B. Good

Stand up and be proud to be ginger, says B. Good! We challenge you not to have this song stuck in your head after listening.

Power to the redheads!




IRN-BRU’s #GingerAndProud campaign

Ever the gingerful brand loved by all redheads everywhere, the quirky and hilarious IRN-BRU has not disappointed Gingerkind with their latest advert, instilling pride in us all!




’11 Things Redheads Are Tired of Hearing’, with Bryce Dallas Howard + Pop Sugar

“Do you tan? Are you soulless? I bet you luuuurve St Patrick’s Day!” It seems that red-haired actress Bryce Dallas Howard gets just as sick of these questions as the rest of gingerkind!




Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s PSA for Redhead Emojis on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The petition for ginger emojis went viral and peaked with its feature on Ellen’s talk show with Jesse Tyler Ferguson taking the role of redhead spokesperson, speaking every ginger’s mind loud and clear: WHERE ARE THE REDHEAD EMOJIS.

Update: they’re coming!




‘Shaun White’ on winning a gold medal and being a redhead

Hear how ‘Shaun White’ feels about winning his gold medal, along with his thoughts on being a redhead…




“Things Not To Say To Someone With Ginger Hair”

“Fanta pants”! “Ginger minger”! Er, no. There are just some things you should never say to a redhead. Check out this fun video of ‘Things Not To Say To Someone With Ginger Hair’, created by BBC Three and featuring Ginger Parrot’s editor, Emma Kelly.

Spot the GINGE t-shirt, too!




…or how about Bustle‘s take on the theme?




Madelaine Petsch slams redhead stereotypes

“Oh, gingers don’t have souls.”

“Are you a vampire?”

Siiiiigh. Oh, how we’re tired of hearing these comments. Watch as Madelaine Petsch, star of Archie (and Redhead Beauty), slams some of the most common ginger stereotypes.




How Ed Sheeran plans to save the ginger population

We’re fed up of hearing that redheads are going extinct (we totally aren’t, by the way). But, luckily for us, Ed Sheeran has a suggestion of how to save the redhead race in case that fateful day occurs.

His interview with Studio Brussel took a slight turn for the weird, but his suggestion was an interesting one. A little extreme, maybe, but interesting all the same. Take a look…




Redheads reading ginger jokes

You’ve seen celebs reading mean tweets out loud, here are some redheads reading out ginger jokes and reacting to them.

Hurtful or hilarious? You decide.




Bryce Dallas Howard is NOT Jessica Chastain

What a redhead problem is this. Sure, both Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain have red hair. But we don’t care what you say, despite being very good lookalikes of one another, they’re two different people! Here’s a hilarious musical to demonstrate the perils that Bryce Dallas Howard faces when people think she’s Jessica Chastain.




Ed Sheeran or Rupert Grint??

Aside from the red hair colour, are there really any other similarities between gingers Rupert Grint and Ed Sheeran? Does Ed Sheeran even exist??




‘The Ginger Anthem’ ft. Carrot Top

Slowly but surely, gingers are taking over the world – this time with their very own ‘Ginger Anthem’, created by actress and writer Danielle Dallas Roosa and featuring none other than comedian Carrot Top.

The closing lines say it all:

“Your prejudice is incorrect
And this ginger movement is in effect”

Disclaimer: some rude and strong language!




Diane Spencer: Ginger Kid – Why Am I Ginger?

Finding the funniness in the differences between gingers and the rest of mankind (there are quite a few, we’ll admit), redheaded comedienne Diane Spencer’s stand-up is hilarious, truthful, and a bit naughty.

If you have delicate ears concerning profanities, we apologise in advance, (but it’s worth it)! Check out Di’s comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.






Mean Girls vs Disney

We luuuurve Lindsay Lohan’s gingerness in Mean Girls, but imagine if Disney characters starred in the movie…

Actually, you don’t need to imagine it, because someone has created it!

Sit back and enjoy the combined giggles of Mean Girls with our favourite Disney characters, and get excited by the fact that red-haired Ariel takes Lindsay Lohan’s starring role!






Where did all the redheads come from…?

…a question that a lot of people ask. And, as the latest news broke stating that all gingers are related via one original red-haired superhuman, SourceFed has done well to capture the positive quirky ginger vibes that this new research is promoting: That everyone holds the potential for gingerness.

Scared? You should be! (just kidding)






Elmo teaches us about redheads

It’s fair to say that a large proportion of redheads get some stick when they grow up (and after that)! And, if you’ve ever been bullied for being ginger, it can be an upsetting experience, which makes you begin to hate your genetic mutation.

But, Conan O’Brien says (and we agree), that redheads should not be singled out, and that kids should learn that it’s not OK to bully someone for the colour of their hair!

We’ll let Elmo take it from here, with this whimsy video about redheads.






Being Ginger

Ginger men seem to get less attention than redheaded ladies in the dating world. But, our friend from Redhead Day, Being Ginger creator Scott Harris, is searching for his perfect girl who fancies gingers.

We once made a promise to find Scott a sexy date who has the hots for gingers. So if you are this lady, check out Being Ginger!

Scott received the following fan letter during his search, it’s quite a funny find…






‘Gingers Have Souls’ Remix

As a ginger, it’s hard to avoid the ‘Gingers have Souls!’ videos, they’re everywhere; from Youtube to South Park.

But some clever soul has remixed the original ginger-affirming vlog-post into a song, which can be purchased from iTunes, believe it or not.






South Park vs Harry Potter

If you’ve not yet seen the Ginger episode of South Park, I will say right now, you will either love it or hate it.

But, some whimsy so and so has decided to take a clip of the episode and partner it up with footage of our beloved Ron Weasley, and we have to admit, it’s pretty funny.






Catherine Tate

Hilarious Catherine Tate sketch about gingers. Glad that life’s not like this for us redheads, but it is a funny sketch to say the least!






Tim Minchin: ‘Prejudice’

It’s always nice when one our fellow ginger friends stick up for us and our lovely redheadedness.

Here’s Tim Minchin with Prejudice, singing and playing the piano about gingerness in society. But in a fun way. Oh, and Ed Sheeran’s with him. Enjoy!





Or here’s the Tim Minchin-only version…






Green Wing

Songs about gingerness continues with Green Wing. Well worth a watch over and over again – we can’t get enough!