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‘Being Ginger’ comic book details all the hilarious shared experiences of redheads

Imagine all of the hilarious and ridiculous shared experiences redheads have, all detailed in a comic book.

Being Ginger is just that – a collection of over 50 scenes that all gingers can relate to, from being called ‘soulless’ to having a hate-hate relationship with the sun. We hear that!

Written by avidly proud redheaded comic artist Katherine Hemmings, Being Ginger is “all about the troubles, funny moments, and awkward positions that gingers get put through”, with all featured incidents having actually happened to Katherine or one of her fellow ginger pals.

So whether you’re a redhead yourself and want to have a giggle at the ridiculous scenarios we face because of our red hair, or if you’re a ginger appreciator wanting an insight into the life of redheads, Being Ginger is for you.

Being Ginger was originally crowdfunded through Kickstarter in 2019, and is now available to buy on Etsy or at katherinehemmings.co.uk. For more information, follow Katherine on Facebook or Instagram

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