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Write for Ginger Parrot

Most of the world doesn’t think that there’s much to say about redheads. We do.

Natural redheads may only make up around 1-2% of the world’s population, and there are those dyeing and aspiring redheads too; but there’s so much to say about what goes on in the land of Gingerdom.

There’s so much to say, that we are recruiting more writers!

Contribute to Ginger Parrot

Whether you want to write lengthy posts and often, or just once in a while, we’re simply happy to have you on board the ginger bus of awesomeness. Sadly we cannot offer you any payment at this point, but hopefully just the joy of writing for redheads, getting your face on the GP Team Page, and maybe a few freebies, are enough to keep a spring in your step.

And if you’re not actually ginger, don’t fret. It’s OK if you’re jealous though. lustzone. All we ask for is your appreciation of redheads, and your support to make Ginger Parrot a nice and gingerful place to celebrate red hair.

The areas we’re looking for coverage include:

General News


Health and Suncare

Haircare, Make-Up or Skincare

Celebrity News

Music, Film, TV

Art & Photography

Interested? If you are, we’d luuuurve to hear from you. Please get in touch with the following info and we’ll go from there.

  • Name
  • General location
  • Interests… Film, TV, Celebrities, Beauty, Health, Fashion, Jokes, Music, News, Photography?
  • Do you have any writing experience? (don’t worry if not, we’re just being nosey!)
  • Your availability… how often would you like to write for us?