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BBC News: Prince Harry: Why Australian ‘rangas’ see the royal as a hero


“Things Not To Say To Someone With Ginger Hair” – BBC Three



Ginger Parrot’s editor Emma Kelly features in BBC Three’s hit series ‘Things Not To Say…’ starring an all-redheaded cast!


Worldwide petition for redhead emoji characters


Image: Emojipedia

Popular Science: The winding, heated, and absurdly technical oral history of the ginger emoji

BBC News: Scots welcome the arrival of new ginger emoji

The Telegraph: Redhead campaigners’ victory as 12 ‘gingers’ added to the 2018 emoji list

BBC Newsbeat: A ginger haired emoji is coming to a phone near you soon

talkRADIO: World Emoji Day: Time for gingers to get justice

The Sun: Ginger emojis are FINALLY on the way following furious redheads’ long campaign for equality

The Mirror: Redhead emoji FINALLY on the cards after long campaign for ginger equality

The Metro: A redhead emoji might finally be on the cards thanks to ginger equality campaigners

Glamour: A Redhead Emoji Might Be Coming to Your iPhone Soon—Rejoice!

So Feminine: Gingers Everywhere Rejoice! Apple *May* Finally Make Redhead Emojis


The BBC Radio 5 Live: Ginger emoji campaign: ‘There should be some redheads’

Guardian: ‘More gingerness!’ Petition calls for redhead emojis

Yahoo: Give Us Our Redheaded Emojis, Petition Demands

CNET: Redhead redemption: Give us our ginger emojis, petition demands

AOL: Redheads want Apple emoji recognition

Business Insider: Redheads are petitioning Apple for their own emoji

Digital Spy: Petition launched for Apple to include ginger-haired emoji range and Ginger emoji campaign gains support

The Atlantic: Fear of a Red-Headed Emoji

Bustle: A Petition For Ginger Emojis Exists, Because Redheads Deserve A Place In The Digital Unicode Pantheon, Too and The Petition For A Redheaded Emoji Is Still Circulating The Internet, Because Gingers Are Tired Of Being Left Out Gingers are petitioning Apple for a red-headed emoji

The Daily Edge: Gingers are petitioning for Apple to introduce a redhead emoji

WPTV Video: Should Apple create a redhead emoji?


Interview with GP editor Emma Kelly for Time Out London magazine, September 2015


Time Out: ‘Redhead Day 2015: we meet London’s ginger activists’



Stylist’s Emerald Street daily email, featured in their Tech Week, 10th March 2015


May 2015: ‘Redhead Renaissance: Once kicked and maligned, gingers are embracing their roots, and taking over pop culture’, The National Post, Canada

November 2014: ‘Ginger Pride is Growing…But Prejudice Still Exists’, Huffington Post UK

April 2014: ‘Ginger and Redhead Mean the Same Thing and Should Be Used Interchangeably’, Huffington Post UK

February 2014: ’10 Unbelievable Facts You Didn’t Know About Redheads’, Huffington Post UK

December 2013: New York Magazine – The Cut

December 2013: The Chic Geek

October 2013: The Daily Mail Online

October 2013: The Metro

October 2013: Telegraph Online

October 2013: The Sun


The Popularity of GINGE

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Karen Gillan on ITV



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Bonnie Wright


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Orla Gartland


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