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Photography: ‘Redhead Beauty’ Book

Photography: ‘Redhead Beauty’ Book

As the world continues to go through its redhead epiphany of realising that ginger hair is actually amazing (duh), more and more people are joining the cause and helping to spread the word. And American photographer Brian Dowling is doing just that with his Redhead Beauty book, a striking photo collection of redheaded women.

For the past three years, Dowling has travelled the world on a mission to represent the natural beauty of women with red hair through photography. Travelling from Austria to Australia, he has snapped more than 130 ginger women to date, with plans to visit plenty more countries, too. All portraits will be collated and published in a 186+ page hardback book, which promises to be the ultimate coffee table companion for redheads (and ginger lovers!) everywhere.

Alisha from Odessa, Ukraine

When asked why he chose to create a redhead photography book, Dowling said: “I want these images to show the natural beauty of women with red hair from almost 20 countries. This project was done without make-up artists, special lighting, and excessive Photoshop edits. I want it to be obvious that these photos are real reflections of the models and for people to end their stereotypes of redheads.

“I know my photos don’t represent all redheads, but I hope the redhead community appreciates the message I am trying to share.”

Madelaine Petsch, actress on Netflix’s ‘Riverdale’ series, from Washington, USA

Dowling’s background is in entertainment photography, having shot many famous redhead celebrities including Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain and Julianne Moore. While his aim for Redhead Beauty was to photograph non-celebrity gingers (most models were discovered via Instagram), upcoming red-haired actresses Madelaine Petsch (Riverdale) and Katherine McNamara (Shadowhunters) both feature in the collection.

“The one thing I wasn’t expecting during this project was the amount of emails I would get from people that said my photos had changed the way the felt about their hair in a positive way. I wouldn’t call myself a sensitive guy at all, but when you get emails from a 13-year-old child that hates themselves just because of bullies, it’s a difficult thing to comprehend. I always felt that my work of taking photos of celebrity parties was very superficial, so I’m glad that my work will now at least help some people in a positive way.

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“When you are younger you always try to blend in, but after you graduate everyone is always fighting to be different. So, if you’re a redhead, I say be proud of the fact you stand out.”

Redhead Beauty is at crowdfunding stage to be able to get the book published, with hardback copies, limited edition prints and much more available as crowdfunding perks.

Read more and help crowdfund the Redhead Beauty book on Kickstarter

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