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Halloween Costumes For Ginger Guys

All Hallows Eve is fast approaching and we’ve heard from a few ginger guys that they’re struggling with their Halloween costumes.

So here you have it; a few spooky and a couple of funny ginger Halloween costumes (both heroes and villains) for red-haired men.


Chucky Doll

The point of Halloween is to look proper scary, right? You can bring one of the greatest horror villains of all time to life with nothing but dungarees, red pen and a whole load of hairspray for your ginger hair.

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If you’re after a terrifying Halloween outfit for gingers, red-haired clown Pennywise from It is your go-to creepy costume!

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Ginger bread man

Well, you’re already half way there, just look in the mirror! To complete the look, tie some baguettes to some string to hang around your neck.

We’ve heard that this sometimes takes a while for people to see the relevance, but turns into a great conversation starter and solves plenty of munchies at the end of the evening!

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He’s hunky, he’s sweet, he’s ginger.

But the best part about this costume is that it’s super easy, too. Particularly effective if you have slightly longer, wavy red hair, Hercules’s look is complete by simply creating a parting before tying some red ribbon around your red head.

Complete the look with your god-like strength, of course.

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Fry, Futurama

It’s so easy to dress like Fry, you don’t even need a tutorial. Get yourself a plain white tee, a red shirt, and jeans.

Basically, all the effort is in the quiff, so you’ve got to get that spot on.


Dexter Morgan, Dexter

If Halloween to you is all about gore and creepiness, then have we got a costume for you! Sure, Dexter is a murderous psychopath, but he’s also smart, calculating and above all, ginger, which all add up to a great costume choice for redheads this Halloween.

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At over 80 years old, Tintin is a classic ginger of popular culture. Whether he’s solving another crime or just hanging out with his best pal Snowy, Tintin is a great role model for redheads, both big and small.

You probably already own all of the items to create this look!

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Yosemite Sam

With a face full of gingerness, Yosemite Sam packs a punchy personality of feistiness, making him a creative choice for a Halloween costumes for redheads.

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The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland

Possibly one of the most creative, fun and outrageous fancy dress ideas, Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) is bright and whacky, and surprisingly simple to achieve.

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Ron Weasley, Harry Potter




Guys, if you’ve got the guts to dress in the same robes as Ron Weasley did for the Yule Ball, I commend you. Bravo. Otherwise, there are tons of places you can buy Hogwarts school uniform from, or just make your own!


By Emma


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