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Halloween Costumes for Redheads: Yosemite Sam

Halloween Costumes for Redheads: Yosemite Sam

He’s tough, he’s funny, he’s fiery – he’s Yosemite Sam! With a face full of gingerness, this short-tempered archenemy of Bugs Bunny packs a punchy personality of feistiness, making him a creative choice for a Halloween costumes for redheads.

Here’s how to get the Yosemite Sam look (make sure you’ve got the attitude to match!)…

Coloured t-shirt (either red or blue)

ASOS: £3, $5


Collusion at ASOS: £15, $22

Daisy Street at ASOS: £10, $16

Ginger beard

If you don’t have enough (or any) ginger facial hair, get yourself a beard and moustache to get the proper Yosemite Sam look, like this one from Amazon.

Cowboy hat

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Wonderland Fancy Dress

Black boots

ASOS: £28, $45

And to finish it off…

You’ll want a yellow neckerchief, a your finest (and largest) cowboy hat, black boots and thick belt. Of course, a couple of toy guns could work well to complete outfit, too.

…That’s all folks!

By Emma

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