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Red Hot’s Allstars 2021 calendar is coming to take you away from it all

Red Hot’s Allstars 2021 calendar is coming to take you away from it all

Hit the sirens, because this is your annual Red Hot calendar (red) alert!


It’s now eight glorious years since Thomas Knights’s RED HOT project threw a bunch of scantily-clad ginger men into our lives.

Easily distracting us from TV/work/oncoming traffic, the 2021 ‘Allstars’ edition promises to take us away from it all, putting us in permanent holiday mode with sunsets, palm trees, beaches and summer, summer, summer. And don’t forget those 12 ginger male models, too, who have been selected as some of the most popular characters from previous Red Hot calendars. Sizzling!

The 2021 calendar is in its last few hours of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, so pick up a perk while you can. These include the all-important Red Hot Allstars 2021 calendar, underwear and an art book.

Every year since 2012, Red Hot has kept pushing for a change in perception of ginger men in the media and society by showing the world just how attractive redheaded men really are. From calendars and exhibitions to events and merchandise, creator and photographer Thomas Knights is the driving force behind the project and fully supports this attitudinal shift towards redheads.

As ever, Red Hot’s projects raise money for good causes, with the 2021 calendar raising funds and awareness for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, whose mission is to empower and support the wellness of young people.

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