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Red Hot’s 2020 calendar of ginger men is here

Red Hot’s 2020 calendar of ginger men is here

Red alert, red alert! This is your annual Red Hot calendar alert!

With seven years under its (probably, ahem, non-existent) belt fighting for ginger justice, the famous Red Hot calendar is back – giving you another 12 months of redheaded men to appreciate.

Buy the 2020 Red Hot calendar in our online store

Every year since 2012, Red Hot has kept pushing for a change in perception of ginger men in the media and society by showing the world just how attractive redheaded men really are. From calendars and exhibitions to events and merchandise, creator and photographer Thomas Knights is the driving force behind the project and fully supports this attitudinal shift towards redheads.

He said: “Being born ginger, you are immediately part of the world’s smallest minority. This comes with a unique set of challenges but inevitably you learn to accept your difference and then value it. What was once the thing you liked the least about yourself growing up, becomes the main part of your identity; it becomes your calling card.”

The Red Hot 2020 (mostly nude) edition celebrates every element of being a red-haired man, showcasing athletic bodies, handsome faces, fun-loving personalities, and even fiery red pubic hair from the hottest red-haired men in Europe.

So far, Red Hot has raised over £60,000 for good causes, with the 2020 calendar raising funds and awareness for the Terrence Higgins Trust, whose mission is to end the transmission of HIV in the UK.

You can now buy the 2020 calendar online from the Ginger Parrot Store.

Learn more about Red Hot in our podcast episode with Red Hot creator, Thomas Knights

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