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The 10 best ginger genius happenings of 2018

Whether you view 2018 as a good or bad year on the whole, redheads have been keeping themselves super busy – all 138,000,000 (ish) of them. Here’s our round-up of ginger genius happenings of 2018…


1. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s nuptials, aka the Royal Redhead Wedding

We calculated a grand total of five gingerful things that occurred at Harry and Meghan’s wedding on 19 May 2018, from ‘GINGE’ placards to ginger-themed cocktails!


2. And on the same day, Redhead Day UK 2018 happened

Almost as if the ginger gods had planned it themselves, Harry and Meghan actually set their wedding date on the same day as Redhead Day UK. Yes, really, the event date was set before the wedding! We loved meeting all the redheads who came to visit us on our stall!

Redheads and their appreciators gathered in central London for a sunny (and sunscreen-filled) day of ginger celebrations, including live music, comedy, talks, stalls, games and more for all ages!


3. Our new favourite entertainer…Gingzilla

From the stage at Redhead Day UK to the screen of X Factor, Gingzilla has gripped the world’s attention!


4. Little ginger Alfie’s anti-bullying poem

Just this month, 12-year-old Alfie Coleiro took to ITV’s This Morning to read aloud a poem he wrote that directly references the bullying he has suffered.


5. Missguided celebrated freckles in #InYourOwnSkin campaign

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Showcasing a group of women with unique features, including freckled redhead Polly Ellens, the campaign was all about celebrating positive body image and empowering everyone to be proud of what makes them different.


6. Free zoo entry for redheads


Raising awareness of World Orangutan Day on 19 August, Twycross Zoo opened their doors for free to red-haired visitors, who came from near and far to celebrate orangutans.



How could we forget redhead representation in the world of emojis! The historic day was 30 October 2018, and we couldn’t be happier that it has finally happened.

All of your hard work paid off, signing the petition and spreading the word! These ginger emojis are yours.


8. Heaps of ginger celebrity interviews

Ginger and proud….🧡 #rockinglastnightsmakeupallday

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From actors Isla Fisher, Eleanor Tomlinson and Shannon Purser, to music babes Nicola Roberts and Shirley Manson, we’ve loved getting to know some famous redheads, learning why they’re grateful for their gingerness and how it’s helped them in their careers.


9. The first ever Ginger of the Year Award – congratulations, Tom!

Congratulations to Tom Walker, the winner of Ginger of the Year 2018, in association with our friends at the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Aged 11, Tom was nominated by his dad, Mike, who told us why he thinks his son should be Ginger of the Year…

“Tom has just started at high school and whilst he has generally loved this move, he has also encountered some bullying. I am extremely proud that he has tackled this head on, coining a “gingers have rights too” campaign to rally his fellow ginger students and give them a voice.”


10. Did we mention ginger emojis?

While we’ve reached a gingerfully gigantic milestone of redhead emojis, there’s still work to be done. At the moment, there is only one boy and one girl emoji, which haven’t been incorporated into the other hair shade choices on the many other emojis.

More ‘hairmoji flexibility’, please!


Happy new year from the Ginger Parrot team! Here’s to a gingertastic 2019.


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