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Missguided celebrates freckles in #InYourOwnSkin campaign

Missguided celebrates freckles in #InYourOwnSkin campaign

As proud redheads, we know that standing out from the crowd is seriously awesome, but there are still some expectations around what is considered to be ‘mainstream beauty’ in society.

But fashion brand Missguided is bringing heavy focus to society’s idea of what beauty is and is turning it on its head, with its latest #InYourOwnSkin campaign.

Showcasing a group of women with unique features, including freckled redhead Polly Ellens, the campaign is all about celebrating positive body image and empowering everyone to be proud of what makes them different.


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Polly said: “Beauty is being completely comfortable with yourself whether that’s aesthetically beautiful or your spirit and your attitudes towards life.”

The #InYourOwnSkin range is all about crop tops, bandeaus and body-cons for summertime, so it fits well with this emphasis on being comfortable with your own skin. (Just remember your sunscreen!)

Missguided posted on Instagram that they are “on a mission to challenge the world’s perception of beauty, and to inspire babes around the world to love themselves, for themselves.”

Now that is something we can definitely get behind.


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