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Ginger Fashion: Orange You Glad You’re a Redhead?

Ginger Fashion: Orange You Glad You’re a Redhead?

As a redhead, I’ve been told what colours I should and shouldn’t wear all my life. My earliest memory of this is quite positive, however, with my ginger Nan telling me that emerald green was a beautiful colour on redheads, and really made my red hair stand out.

Since then, I’ve wondered whether I should or shouldn’t wear certain colours, receiving strange looks in shops if I picked up a bright, patterned top.

All this changed about five years ago, when I decided that I was going to choose my colours how I wanted. It was about me being me and expressing my style through my choice of colour.

My fashion, make-up and hair accessories help me express myself. And now that I’m loud and proud with my style choices, I get compliments on my outfits, make-up, how I wear my ginger hair and it all stems from listening to myself and being bold and confident as a redhead.


Red and Orange


Ted Baker at ASOS: £199



ASOS: Was £95, Now £39

It may feel like the last thing redheads should do but brave the orange and red shades – it’s so so right.

The orange shade you should choose depends on your ginger hair shade. And if you’re not feeling too confident, take baby steps with orange accessories or lipstick, and work up to wearing orange clothing.

Plus, red lipstick on redheads is perfection.


White and Pastel Colours


Topshop: £89

As gingers, we’re often told that we shouldn’t wear certain colours because they wash us out. And white is (traditionally) one them, along with other pale shades. But actually, the pale colours only accentuate the multi-tonal reddish shades within our hair.


Green and Blue


Topshop: Was £38, Now £20



Topshop: £110

Surely it comes as no surprise to anyone that green and blue looks great with red hair?

The list is endless, with purple, black, and even yellow suiting redheads (honestly). Colours rule – embrace them!


By Hannah


Ginger Parrot

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