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Now It’s Nice ‘n’ Easy to Get Christina Hendricks’ Red Hair!

Now It’s Nice ‘n’ Easy to Get Christina Hendricks’ Red Hair!


Despite actually being a dyeing redhead instead of au naturelle, Christina Hendricks has wowed the world with her natural-looking ginger hair for several years now.

And, my fellow gingers and redhead lovers, her great dyeing secret is now revealed: it’s Clairol’s nice ‘n’ easy Permanent Colour Crème! So we can all look like Christina Hendricks…right?

The actress’ longstanding love for the product has led to her becoming the brand’s latest beauty ambassador for their ‘Shift a Shade’ campaign, which aims to inspire women to find their ‘true colour’.

Christina said: “It’s a product I’ve been using ever since I went red. I love that the results from nice’n easy are so natural looking; I know it’s going to turn out natural and beautiful and I don’t have to worry about it.”

Despite being a natural dark blonde, Christina is famous for her gorgeously vibrant red hair as well as her adopted ginger pride. She was first inspired to colour her hair red by LM Montgomery’s Anne of Anne of Green Gables. But she eventually took the plunge early on in her modelling career and has never looked back (which we’re very pleased about).



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And if you’re interested (we know you’re on the edge of your seat), Christina Hendricks’ red hair colour is 6R Natural Light Auburn. *Runs straight to the shop*

Speaking about her life as a redhead, Christina said: “I think being a redhead has encouraged me to be a bit more playful with my fashion, maybe be a little bit more quirky and eccentric even, so when I go out in the evening I like to play with colour and jewellery and it sort of compliments being a redhead.”

Wave that redhead flag with ginger pride, Christina!


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