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Fashion For Redheads: How To Wear Yellow With Ginger Hair

Fashion For Redheads: How To Wear Yellow With Ginger Hair

Hello! Or should I say, YELLOW! I’m Sarah, a redheaded fashion blogger, and I’m here today to talk about all things yellow!

The sunny colour has been all over the high street recently and I for one am very excited to embrace the trend this spring and summer.

If you’re a redhead and the idea of wearing yellow (or any other bright colours for that matter) terrifies you to your very core then, girl, I hear you!

Today I’m going to share with you some of my best tips for redheads on how to wear yellow with ginger hair.


First up, find a shade that suits you. There are so many shades of yellow out there from muted mustard, to pastel lemon, to luminous chartreuse!

Find a shade that suits you, your complexion, and of course your beautiful fiery mane. Personally I like to wear mustard colours in the cooler months and brighter, zingier shades in the summer. I find that pastel yellow washes me out a bit, so I prefer to stick to the bolder hues.

Of course, everyone is different (yes, even redheads!), so find a shade that you feel looks best on you, and you’ll feel confident wearing it.


Another great tip if you’re still feeling nervous about wearing yellow next to your bold hair colour is to focus on accessories.

Pairing a bright neon bag with an otherwise monochrome outfit is a perfect way of adding a pop of on-trend yellow into your wardrobe, without looking too “full on”.

Without the bag, the outfit would have been pretty, but with the addition of the bright yellow accessory it’s transformed into something much more summery and bright!


Finally, if you’re still not convinced that yellow outfits are really for you, then how about yellow make-up instead?

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A pop of yellow on your nails is the easiest way to incorporate the trend into your spring and summer style and brighten up any outfit, and if you’re feeling particularly brave then how about some sunny eye shadow too?

I hope all you gorgeous gingers found these little tips helpful and will be embracing the sunny colour this spring and summer with me (just remember the SPF)!


By Sarah Nunn

Natural redhead Sarah blogs at, where she writes about her life, fashion and the things that inspire her.


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