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As a ginger, it only takes one person to tell you that redheads can’t wear orange and you suddenly become very self-conscious about it. Well, guess what gingers, we are free to rock the colour orange…and no one can say a word about it! With the right shade, and a little guidance, wearing orange with red hair through the use of accessories is beautiful.

First, you want an orange colour that pops and brings a little life to your outfit this summer. After all, summer is about cheery bright colours, and having fun!



If you’re still skeptical, start out small with accessories.  In terms of your outfit, an orange handbag or clutch is not held directly next to your ginger hair, so if you’re feeling self-conscious, you don’t need to worry as you won’t see a striking contrast.






Topshop: £8.50

Jewellery is another great way to incorporate orange into your wardrobe.  Solid orange bracelets or watches are a safe bet. Don’t be concerned about the contrast with your hair – only redheads can have this eye-catching effect!

You can find earrings and necklaces that have orange as well as other colours to tone it down.

Orange Skirt Red Hair Gingers

Boohoo.com: £10

Once you have taken the plunge into accessories and are feeling brave then why not try wearing orange clothing! Oh the shock!

For summery days, there are some great dresses with orange colours within their patterns.  This makes it easy to incorporate orange into your wardrobe without any fear.

You can also try wearing an orange skirt and matching it with a black top. It’s all about the right shade for your skin tone and hair shade.


Topshop: £26


Karen Millan at ASOS: £180

Orange is such a happy and warm colour that we, as gingers, should not deprive our right to wear the colour of our hair loud and proud! Match away!


By Sarah


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