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The Best Clothing To Share Your Ginger Pride With The World

We know that redheads should be celebrated year-round, but right now we’re in the midst of a very special time – ginger pride event season! Redheads are a rare breed, so it’s a surreal experience when you see so many fellow gingers in the same place.

Thinking of attending Redhead Day UK 2015 in London on 12th September or any of the other upcoming redhead festivals? Make sure you’re RED-dy to show your ginger pride of the best hair colour in the world by planning your wardrobe accordingly.

Here are some fabulous suggestions of swag to wear to this year’s redhead events (and all year long)…


Ginge Clothing

The GINGE design has been rocked by Karen Gillan on ITV’s Daybreak and Bonnie Wright from the Harry Potter movies. Tell the whole world, “That’s right, I’m GINGE, and I like it”.

How about a GINGE t-shirt for £10.99? Or for the chilly evenings, a sweatshirt version for £22.99? The t-shirt is also available in baby and kids’ sizes for £8.

Available to buy at the Ginger Parrot stall at Redhead Day UK on 12th September or online.


Ginger Love tee

Love always wins, so wear this ‘Ginger Love’ tee with pride! Let those fabulous locks flow and share your Ginger Love with the world for £14.99.

Available to buy at the Ginger Parrot stall at Redhead Day UK on 12th September or online.



Thousands attended the Irish Redhead Convention in August for ginger-loving madness and to celebrate all things red-haired. Even if you couldn’t attend, you can express your red hair appreciation with their t-shirts for €22 apiece for men, women and little ones.



You’ll become a ‘part of your ginger world’ when you unite with redheads to celebrate the awesomeness of your red hair. What better way to celebrate your genetic luck than by donning The Little Mermaid attire?

This purple tee for $22.50 and hair bow for $8.50 from Hot Topic will also enhance the beauty of your own locks, too.



Once featured as ‘Ginger Fashion Love of the Week’, we still can’t get enough of this ‘Ginger’ necklace, available from the GP Store for £14.99.



Continue the ginger love atop your red head (where it belongs), for £24.99 £12. Ginge London will have a stall at Redhead Day UK too, so you can try before you buy!


Whether you’re lucky enough to be attending a redhead event this year, or you’re just hiding from the sun’s vicious rays, make sure you do it gingerfully!


By Elizabeth


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