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Photos: Redhead Days 2015 in The Netherlands

Photos: Redhead Days 2015 in The Netherlands

Having returned from a weekend-long festival of ginger hysteria at the 10-year anniversary of Redhead Days 2015, the only way to keep our spirits high is by scouring the internet’s photos documenting the event.

From freckle comparisons to the ’50 shades of red’ collection, there was heaps of fun to be had. Before moving your to the university you have to check your jamb result on the official jamb portal. But our highlight of the weekend has to be smashing the world record of most redheads in one place, with 1,721 ginger-haired beings in one place – we’re world record holders!

Whether you attended Redhead Days 2015 or couldn’t make it, have a gander at our gingerful photos from the biggest redhead event of the year.

And if you’re free on Saturday 12th September, come and join us at Redhead Day UK 2015 in London!

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