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Sun Protection: Top Five SPF Lip Care Products For Redheads

SPF: three letters that are extremely important to all redheads. And with summer just around the corner, gingers need to think about protection from the unforgiving sun.

Obviously we don’t need to remind you, but sunscreen is vital to protect fair skin but let’s not forget about our sensitive lips too!

A lip balm with an added SPF is just the perfect thing to keep your pout protected. It will also keep your luscious lips hydrated and kissably soft, so everyone wins!

Here are our Top Five SPF Lip Care Products, all redhead-friendly…


Bobbi Brown


This Bobbi Brown lip balm moisturises lips while guarding your mouth from the harsh UV rays.

Price: £15


The Body Shop


Vitamin E Lip Care from the Body Shop will help to soothe your lips and contains SPF 15 to shield them from sun damage.

Price: £4




The MooGoo Lip Balm is good enough to eat. Seriously, it’s edible. It is made with natural ingredients to keep your lips healthy and contains SPF 15 to keep them protected.

Price: £3.90




Do you have dry cracked lips? Carmex is tried and true choice that will heal and hydrate. This version is cheerfully cherry with a bonus SPF 15!

Price: £1.50




The Lip Balm from Aesop not only contains a whopping SPF 30 for extra protection, it also provides rich moisturisation to your lips.

Price: £13


For more tinted options for lip balm for redheads, click here.

By Elizabeth




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