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Best Gifts For Redheads & Ginger Lovers

What do you buy as a gift for a redhead? If they’re particularly proud of their ginger hair (which all redheads should be, of course), then giving them a present that relates to their red hair will land you top marks.

We’ve done the legwork for you and put together a list of the perfect gifts for gingers. Most are silly – all are awesome.


Part of the gang!

Not on The High Street

As we all know, there’s nothing cooler than being part of the Ginger Gang! Honour your favourite redhead’s most striking feature with this Christmas bauble.

Those socks are mine!

Not on the High Street

Bright orange (of course) and emblazoned with ‘Ginger’s Socks’, there will no longer be any mix-ups of whose socks are whose.

Boosting red hair shades

Available in the Ginger Parrot Store or gingerfulhair.com

Gingerful’s hair products for redheads work in complete harmony with each other to enhance multi-tonal highlights and lowlights found in red hair, while nourishing and protecting it in ways mainstream products don’t.

Armed with natural henna for amplifying your colour and rose for a touch of sweetness, these products treat your hair like it’s rare.

Nothing says you appreciate your ginger friend’s uniqueness than buying a gift that enhances and cares for their red hair. It’s thoughtful, unusual, and a winner in any redhead’s eyes. Try the Henna & Rose shampooconditioner or hair mask (or all three!).

Gingerella treats

Available from Amazon

Gingerella is a crisp ginger ale, containing Mother Nature’s magical healer, ginger, and a blend of lemon, vanilla, sugar and spices grown by farmers in the developing world.

So not only does it taste good, it does good, too. Plus, the packaging is kinda pretty.

Redhead Revolution

Available in the Ginger Parrot Store or at redheadrevolution.us

Redhead Revolution recognises the need for ginger-friendly skincare and make-up products. From Gingerlash Mascara to Au Naturel Sunscreen, your redhead beauty needs are catered for.

Reclaim 'GINGE' as a term of redhead empowerment


Help Gingerkind claim back the world ‘Ginge’, which is too often used as an insult towards redheads. We’ve had enough, so we’re embracing ‘Ginge’ as a celebration instead!

Our GINGE range has grown everso slightly out of control, but at least that means you can choose from plenty of items, including mugspins and clothing! The pick of gifts for your favourite redhead is endless.


Family fun for hours with 'Ginger Snap'



Available exclusively in the Ginger Parrot Store: £9.99


We’ve combined the much-loved card game of Snap with, yep, you guessed it – ginger. Gather the whole family together to play Ginger SNAP, which celebrates every shade of red hair by showcasing them all on the playing cards.

From strawberry blonde to chestnut red, you’re in for hours of fun!

Ginger and proud


A mug of pure ginger pride.

Show you're 'Brave' like Princess Merida

Hot Topic

Being loud, proud and ‘Brave’ like Princess Merida, is something to shout about!

Hot Topic

Everyone knows that all redheads are mermaids.

Ginger jewellery (that's my name, don't wear it out)


Available in the Ginger Parrot Store: £14.99

This ‘Ginger’ name necklace is perfect gift for redheads to show the world how much they love their red hair. Or, y’know, for when they’ve forgotten what colour their hair is.


A redhead angel to top the tree


This recycled cotton Christmas tree decoration with red hair will really catch everyone’s eye.

Join 'The Sunscreen Club'

MC1R: €29

Hands up if you’re in the Sunscreen Club! If you know when to reach for your sunscreen and you’re gosh-darned proud of it, this cap is just for you. Emblazoned with ‘The Sunscreen Club’, this cap was created by the brains behind MC1R, a beautifully curated magazine dedicated to redheads. They also have magazine subscriptions available – yet another great gift idea for your favourite ginger!

Books about redhead things

Whether you want to read or write about your ginger hair, there’s heaps to keep your favourite redhead occupied while they’re snuggled up in the warm this winter.


Whatever you buy your favourite redhead, make it gingerful!

Want more gifts for redheads and ginger lovers? Check out the Ginger Parrot Store.