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Christmas Gifts For Gingers 2019 | Gifts For Redheads & Ginger Lovers

Christmas lights twinkle in the street, turkey-strewn sandwiches dominate coffee shop shelves, and yep, that’s a distant rendition of Last Christmas you can hear…Christmas is coming!

But what do you buy as a Christmas gift for a redhead? They’re incredibly rare, awesome, and potentially a bit feisty, so it’s important to keep them happy. And if they’re particularly proud of their gingerness (which all redheads should be, of course), then giving them a present that relates to their red hair will land you top marks this Christmas.

We’ve done the legwork for you and have put together a list of the perfect Christmas gifts for gingers. Most are silly – all are awesome.

Ginger cushion

Juniqe: from £24.95

“I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want…”


Said every redhead ever.

That’s my name, don’t wear it out

Available in the Ginger Parrot Store: £14.99

This ‘Ginger’ name necklace is perfect for redheads to show the world how much they love their red hair. Or, y’know, for when they’ve forgotten what colour their hair is.

Tickets to Redhead Day UK 2020

Adult tickets £10, under-12s go for free with paying adult

Taking place in London, Redhead Day UK is a family-friendly event celebrating all aspects of being ginger. The next event takes place on Saturday 16 May 2020, with heaps of talks, music, comedy, photography, stalls, games, activities and more for all ages. Get ready to feel serious ginger pride!

Tickets on sale now!

Cleaning up with David Bowie

Mint & May: £12

Whoever thought there would be a tea towel out there with ginger David Bowie, AKA Ziggy Stardust on it?

It happened, and it’s awesome.

Redhead literature

Whether you want to read or write about ginger hair, there’s heaps to keep your favourite redhead occupied while they’re snuggled up by the fire.

Gingerful releases this year include the Little Miss Ginger book (in the name of Ginger Spice), Ginger Kid by comedian Steve Hofstetter, and Being Ginger, a collection of comics detailing the shared experiences redheads face, created by illustrator Katherine Hemmings. Take your pick, or buy them all!

Gingerella treats

Available from Amazon

Gingerella is a crisp ginger ale, containing Mother Nature’s magical healer, ginger, and a blend of lemon, vanilla, sugar and spices grown by farmers in the developing world.

So not only does it taste good, it does good, too. Plus, the packaging is kinda pretty.

‘Ginger SNAP’ to entertain the whole family

Available exclusively in the Ginger Parrot Store: £8.99

We’ve combined the much-loved card game of Snap with, yep, you guessed it – ginger. Gather the  whole family together to play Ginger SNAP, which celebrates every shade of red hair by showcasing them all on the playing cards.

From strawberry blonde to chestnut red, you’re in for hours of fun!


Help Gingerkind claim back the world ‘Ginge’, which is too often used as an insult towards redheads. We’ve had enough, so we’re embracing ‘Ginge’ as a celebration instead!

Our GINGE range has grown everso slightly out of control, but at least that means you can choose from plenty of items, including mugs, pins, clothing, and even Christmas baubles!

Calendars of gingerness

Living your 2020 by gingerness seems pretty good to us. Choose from the adorable illustrated calendar inspired by the Being Ginger comic, or be guided through the year by the Red Hot boys, one for each month! Either way, you’ll be in safe hands.

A magazine dedicated to redheads

MC1R: €39

Hands up if you’re in the Sunscreen Club! If you know when to reach for your sunscreen and you’re gosh-darned proud of it, this football-style scarf is just for you. Emblazoned with ‘Don’t Judge My Summer Tan’ and ‘Sunscreen Club’, this scarf was created by the brains behind MC1R, a beautifully curated magazine dedicated to redheads. They also have magazine subscriptions available – yet another great gift idea for your favourite ginger!

Whatever you buy your favourite redhead this Christmas, make it gingerful!

Want more Christmas gifts for redheads? Check out the Ginger Parrot Store.