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Book Review: ‘The Big Redhead Book, Inside the Secret Society of Red Hair’

Book Review: ‘The Big Redhead Book, Inside the Secret Society of Red Hair’

It's not easy for a redhead, being part of the coolest minority in the world. Sure, people adore you and you're a freaking mermaid, but what about all of that sunscreen? It's a lot to deal with. In fact, there's so much to know about being a redhead, you could say there should be a book written about it.

Luckily, The Big Redhead Book: Inside the Secret Society of Red Hair offers an accurate glimpse into life as a ginger, filled with important facts and figures about this elite club of only 2% of the world. Guiding you by the (pale and freckly) hand is hilarious storyteller Erin la Rosa, who, aside from her whimsy words, uses photos, illustrations, lists and charts to deliver this rare and exclusive peek behind the curtains of red hair, right into the land of Gingerdom.

I think my favourite part is the section on the badass history of redheads, in which you can learn about the hardcore escapades of Boudicca, Queen Elizabeth I and James Joyce. And let's please collectively bask in the glory of the long list of redhead superpowers, including heightened vitamin D production and our ability to leap between tall buildings…wait, maybe that one isn't true (or maybe it is).

This book is so jam-packed with ginger goodness that it's surprising that you can actually close it. So whether you're a natural redhead or simply an admirer of them, take a nosey into the treasured world of red hair, ginger genetics and all the glorious quirks that come with being a redhead.

Keep it on your coffee table, by your bedside, and in your heart.

The Big Redhead Book, Inside the Secret Society of Red Hair by Erin la Rosa is available on Amazon in the UK and US.


By Emma

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