Quotes From Famous Redheads About Their Red Hair


Whether natural or not, redheads have a lot to be smug about: gorgeous ginger hair, fabulous freckles and picture-perfect, porcelain skin. So here are some quotes from famous redheads about their red hair…


Lucille Ball gif

Lucille Ball

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.”







Julianne Moore Still AliceJulianne Moore

“My grandmother always said my red hair was my calling card! And I never realised how much I identified with it until I had to dye it blonde years ago for a role. It felt so weird, and I couldn’t wait to go back to my regular shade.”




Isla Fisher quoteIsla Fisher

“It was great having red hair as a kid because I had something to blame my temper on.”






Molly RingwaldMolly Ringwald

“It shapes your personality a bit. What I always say is that brunettes are beautiful, and blondes get a lot of attention, but the people that love redheads really love redheads.”






Rebecca Mader quoteRebecca Mader

“The thing I love the most about my red hair is the same reason why I used to hate it, and it’s the fact that it makes me different.”






Eleanor Tomlinson DemelzaEleanor Tomlinson

“I’m a natural blonde but I love what red hair does for me – it really has an impact on your personality. It makes me feel more confident and daring.”











Bryce Dallas Howard quoteBryce Dallas Howard

“My parents are both redheads, so they knew I was going to be a redhead. They just thought Bryce Canyon was very strong and it is red. And they thought it was beautiful. So they named me Bryce.”





Jessica Chastain quoteJessica Chastain

“As a child, I didn’t want to be different – I wanted to look the same as everyone else because I didn’t want to be singled out.

“I was ridiculed for having red hair; for having freckles. But whatever you are ridiculed about that makes you different is what you’ll celebrate in the future. If I wanted to dye my hair, I could, but I realised that’s who I am, and my differences make me special.”




Kirsten Dunst quoteKirsten Dunst

“I attract a different kind of boy when my hair’s red. I get more quality men.”






Emma Stone quoteEmma Stone

“I really have blonde hair naturally but my mom’s a redhead. I think it’s a skin tone thing but I love having red hair.”






Lindsay Lohan quoteLindsay Lohan

“I love my red hair. It makes me spunkier.”







Hayley Williams quoteHayley Williams

“I found these pictures in my dad’s house when I was 13, and it was just this little baby in baby-blue overalls with bright orange hair. I was, like, “Who is this kid?” My dad was like, “That’s you.” I freaked out over it. Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed dyeing my hair red.”



Christina Hendricks quoteChristina Hendricks

“I was obsessed with Anne of Green Gables. There was something about her that spoke to me – I wanted to have her beautiful red hair.”






Laura Prepon quoteLaura Prepon

“I love being a redhead. It’s a rare thing, so I think theres a bond between redheads.”






Karen Gillan quoteKaren Gillan

“I got teased for being a redhead when I was younger, which is strange because I’m Scottish and there are loads of us – we should unite forces! I love my red hair.”

“I like having hair that looks like a volcano is erupting.”





Jesse Tyler Ferguson quoteJesse Tyler Ferguson

“Having red hair is never good when you’re a kid. I was picked on a lot and didn’t have a lot of friends. But I think that gave me a thick skin and helped make me a better person.”





Ellie Kemper quoteEllie Kemper

“My driver’s ed teacher thought that any girl with red hair was a witch. This gave me greater confidence in my driving, and so I was able to ace the test and become the driver I am today.”






Jess Glynne quoteJess Glynne

“I used to hate being a red head because it was different. Now I love being a red head because it’s different and I feel like I’m different.”






Michael Fassbender

“I’m a ginger, and there’s not much more fun you can get as a ginger. And I think that’s why there’s a lot of resentment toward the ginger community. We’re vikings, essentially.”






Damian Lewis quoteDamian Lewis

“The redhead stock is very high at the moment. This might be a unique moment in recent history: redheads everywhere are doing well – Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, Julianne Moore, me, Lily Cole.”





Amy Adams quoteAmy Adams

“When I died my hair red the first time, I felt as if it was what nature intended. I have been accused of being a bit of a spitfire, so in that way, I absolutely live up to the stereotype. The red hair suits my personality. I was a terrible blonde!”




Lily Cole quoteLily Cole

“In British culture, redheads get teased at school. But I’ve grown up enough to realise I love my hair.”






Florence Welch quoteFlorence Welch

“I’m a lifer now – I’ve tried going back to brown, but I don’t recognise myself.”





Want some more quotes about redheads? You got it.





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