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Music: ‘Redhead’ by Caylee Hammack ft. Reba McEntire

Music: ‘Redhead’ by Caylee Hammack ft. Reba McEntire

Redheads, if you’re looking for a soundtrack to your summer, nay, your lives, look no further. Ginger-haired country singer Caylee Hammack’s latest single, ‘Redhead’, shines a light on the stereotype of redheads, singing about their strong will and determination. Sounds about right!

Attached to fun lyrics is a catchy tune too, so you you’ll be dancing around your lockdown lounge in no time.

Who is Caylee Hammack?

Caylee Hammack is a singer-songwriter in country music from Nashville, Tennessee. She released her latest album, If It Wasn’t For You, on 14 August 2020. Her track ‘Redhead’ (which is already our favourite) features other red-haired country singer, Reba McEntire, so it’s a double ginger whammy!

The ginger pair planned to tour together this year, but these plans are on hold for now.

A flavour of some of the fun lyrics to expect from ‘Redhead’:

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Nine months from Valentine’s, blamed it on the red wine
Bought a station wagon, stopped running all the red lights
Big eyes, bigger mouth, wild child complex
They didn’t have a clue how to raise a little redhead

For more information on Caylee’s music, find her on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram or visit

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