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Out now: ‘Ava’, starring Jessica Chastain

Out now: ‘Ava’, starring Jessica Chastain

As cinemas start to reopen around the world, long-awaited movies get new release dates, and the latest from our fellow redhead J-Chassy is oh-so welcome in our eyes.

Ava is an action-packed thriller that follows mostly red-haired Ava (Chastain), an assassin specialising in high profile hits. We say mostly red-haired as Ava takes on a bunch of disguises, namely different shades of wigs. Because, as awesome and eye-catching ginger hair is the majority of the time, it might hinder your covert operations as an assassin. There had to be one pitfall, didn’t there?

It’s important to note that Jessica Chastain absolutely kicks ass as Ava. Figuratively and literally. And while we’re on the subject of badasses, Ava’s mother is played by Geena Davis, another stellar ambassador of gingerness. And if you don’t agree, watch Thelma & Louise.

So, in a nutshell, Ava is the female John Wick we’ve all been waiting for.

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