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Build-Your-Own Beauty Gift For Redheads

Build-Your-Own Beauty Gift For Redheads

Everything about redheads is unique: their red hair, their sensitive skin, their identity; so it’s important that you treat them just as uniquely this Christmas (plus, who wants to get on the wrong side of a redhead?).

Being ginger can be a hassle when it comes to finding beauty products, so we’ve done the legwork to create a build-your-own redhead-friendly beauty gift for them.

These products have all come from the Ginger Parrot beauty archives and our ‘Redhead Recommendations’ series, but we’re OK if you want to take the credit.

Winning at Christmas? You sure are.


From taking the leap into matching red lipstick to red hair, to finding an eyebrow pencil that is just the right shade, we’ve got you covered.

Benefit’s They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara

Urban Decay’s Naked3 Palette

Both as featured in Molly’s ‘Redhead Recommendations’

GingerAuburn Eye Brow Pencil available in the Ginger Parrot Store

Read our round-up of the best eyebrow products for redheads according to your shade of red hair

Benefit’s Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain

Read our round-up of red lipsticks that every redhead should own

Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in Candy Glow: UK £24 / US $30

Read our top five blush products for redheads and how to apply it


Of course, sunscreen is mandatory in any redhead’s beauty bag (at least SPF 30, please), so bulk out that beauty box with some nourishing yet protective SPF lip balm, sensitive-friendly cleanser and winter-dodging facial oils.

Oh, and don’t forget some coconut oil for all your worldly needs, because, you know, it’s the greatest thing ever.

Lush’s Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

Read our affordable skincare products for redheads with sensitive skin

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil

Read about the importance of facial oils for redheads during winter


Redheads should always, always, always treat their hair like it’s rare. And while you’re at it, boost its red shade and keep it moisturised to the max, because you can never have too much gingerness. Am I right?

Henna-infused shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner available in the Ginger Parrot Store

As featured in Emma’s ‘Redhead Recommendations’

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse

As featured in Emily’s ‘Redhead Recommendations’

By Emma

Ginger Parrot

Ginger Parrot is ready and raring to report on all things nice and gingerful, and provides an online store too, offering Ginger Parrot merchandise, clothing, hair products, gifts and more for the redhead and redhead lover community.


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