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Redhead Recommendations: Molly’s Favourite Beauty Products For Gingers

Molly comes to us all the way from sunny California, USA! Nicknamed ‘The Mollinator’, this redhead lives for positivity, and is sure there is a correlation between her love for life and her daily coffee intake.

Here’s Molly’s edition of ‘Redhead Recommendations’, our series of interviews with redheads from all over the world, on their beauty product endorsements for their fellow gingers.

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My mother always told me that having a solid eye moisturizer is key, and she instilled that in me at a young age. I have been using Wexler’s 3-In-1 Eye Cream for years now – it makes my eyelids soft and subtle and keeps them fresh after a shower.



I hate cakey foundations, or ones that leave skin looking too orange! I switched to Dr. Jart Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm from Sephora a few years ago and I love it.

Not only does it have SPF 25 to protect against those harsh rays, it is also light-wearing and blends nicely with pale skin. It hides the redness we redheads sometimes get. Goodbye, flushed cheeks!



I recently stopped using shampoo and I must say, I’m in love with cleansing conditioner! It’s DevaCurl’s No-Poo Original Zero Lather Cleansing Conditioner. It skips the harsh shampoo wash and still cleans and makes my ginger locks soft and curly. Plus, it’s only one step! Sometimes after though, I do also follow-up with their One Condition Original ultra conditioner for some extra hydration.



It’s been a constant struggle to find a styling product that will soothe my frizzy red hair. A few years ago a stylist suggested Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pommade and since then I haven’t switched! It goes from liquid to a soft cream when you rub it together and gives my curls definition and shine without being greasy or crunchy. Beautiful curls galore!



I’ve never been a fan of my light eyelashes, so you can’t catch me without mascara (unless I’m sleeping!). My favorite is Benefit’s They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara.

It’s SUPER black and bold and I love how it makes my green eyes pop and stays on even after a hard workout or a long day at work!



I have two faves because you can never have enough lipstick! My first love was Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipstick. For us pale gingers, the shade Lovecraft gives a mauvy, sultry look to the lips. Super ‘vampiress’! The shade stays on a LONG time, doesn’t look cakey AND smells like crème brûlée – the dream!

And my latest favorite is Buxom’s Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick in Sultry Mauve. The shade is a luscious rosy pink and what’s amazing about this lipstick is how smooth it goes on- the gel makes it glossy like a lip gloss but has the amazing feel of lipstick. I can’t get enough!



I’m in love with the rosey/golden hues of Urban Decay’s Naked3 palette. It’s got more hushed colors for low-key days or sparkly (but not over the top) for when I feel like dressing up my lids. It has so many shades, I don’t use anything else! It wears long and doesn’t crease.


Redhead Recommendations

‘Redhead Recommendations’ is all about fellow gingers offering advice and tips on the best beauty products for them.

Fancy submitting your own ‘Redhead Recommendations’ and offer gingers your beauty nuggets of joy? Contact us with a photo of yourself, your product recommendations, plus your comments on each.



Molly comes to us all the way from sunny California, U.S.A.! Making home movies with friends at an early age has led Molly to become a Film and TV fanatic. You can catch her yelling angrily at horror movie victims, or rewatching one of her faves, LoTR, for the 400th time.Nicknamed ‘The Mollinator’, this redhead lives for positivity, and is sure there is a correlation between her love for life and her daily coffee intake. She may have an unnatural fear of escalators, but her biggest ginger accomplishment was being called Merida by every child while working at Disney World.On a regular day, Molly can be found passionately reblogging adorable kitten gifs (ginger ones, OBVS), or staring at the ocean for the existence of mermaids and the Loch Ness monster.