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Winter beauty: the best facial oils for dry skin

Frosty and biting, winter can take its toll on redheads’ pale and delicate skin.

With temperatures dropping outside, your skin frequently goes from hot to cold during the course of the day, which can lead to dryness. Redheads’ skin tends to be thinner too, so it’s all the more important to take extra care of it at this time of year.


Changing up your daily skincare routine may help to alleviate this seasonal dryness and rehydrate your skin, and facial oils are one great way to add some much-needed moisture back to your skin during winter.

Sceptics shy away from facial oils for fear of greasiness, but the way these products are designed with their penetrative abilities and wonderful vitamins means that they are quickly absorbed by your skin so you can apply even before adding your moisturiser and make-up.

Here’s our round-up of our favourite facial oils for redheads’ delicate skin during winter.



L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Facial Oil



No7 Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil 30ml



Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil



Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate



Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil



Top tip: Use a couple of drops of facial oil on your hair for extra gleam or to flatten down any flyaway strands. Genius!


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