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Winter SPF Products For Redheads

Winter SPF Products For Redheads

As I sat and watched the first snowfall of the season (I live in Michigan, USA), I was overcome with joy because winter had finally arrived!

Positive redhead girl on the sun in frozen winter day

I wrapped myself up and made my way outside only to realise that the sun was shining down just as hard as it does in the summer, reflecting off the snow.

So, what’s a ginger to do when they want to spend these cold months outside sledding, skiing, and snowboarding in the bright winter sunlight?

Beware of the reflective snow, fellow redheads! If the sun is shining, even if the weather isn’t warm, our pale skin is still able to burn, so don’t neglect your SPF protection this winter. The sun may not be as strong as during the summer months, but those pesky rays are still a danger to your delicate skin.

Redheads are at higher risk of skin cancer and wearing sunscreen year-round is the best form of protection if you’re planning on going outdoors – whatever the weather (yep, even if it’s cloudy).

You may have thought that winter might put your SPF-wearing days on hold, but I’m afraid not. Keeping our pale skin safe and sound is a must so we can enjoy the pleasures of outdoor winter activities.

Here are a couple of key products to help you through those crisp, sunny, winter days.

Kiss my face Face factor SPF 50

Kiss My Face Face Factor with SPF 50 for face and neck

This little lotion will come in handy on your fun winter excursions – it’s pocket-sized to make it easy to carry around with you! And with SPF 50 and water resistance, this baby is ideal for snowy weather. There’s a bonus, too: it’s ultra moisturising! I know, we’re too good to you.


Hawaiian Tropic lip balm

Hawaiian Tropic Tropical flavour lip balm with SPF 45

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Your lips are extra-vulnerable during winter, as they’re at risk of both becoming chapped and sun burnt. This little number has SPF 45.

Don’t let the winter sun fool you: it’s just as capable of burning you as the summer sunlight! Keep your skin safe while you enjoy all the fun activities winter has to offer.


By Emily


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