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Channelling Princess Merida: How To Get Defined Curly Ginger Hair


We all know that red hair rocks. But add some wild, crazy curls in to the mix, and your ginger hair can look epic, just like Princess Merida from Brave.

If you’re lucky enough to have natural curly red hair, you will no doubt have received many admiring comments from people who are stunned by your awesome gingerness.

The reality of having a head of tumbling ginger curls can be a nightmare. Many is the day when I’ve woken in a great mood, only to look out of the window and discover shock and horror…DRIZZLE! The worst weather for people with curly hair.

But never fear, here are some top tips and some products to keeping your curls under control and being proud to have red hair like Princess Merida.

If you don’t have curly hair like Merida, but you would like to achieve the look, click here for a tutorial.


Top Tips

Natural curls can be prone to drying out and this can result in the frizzy ‘hedgerow’ look. Instead, try drying your hair with an old t-shirt instead of a towel. This keeps your ginger curls smooth.

A great way to define your curls is to twist some coconut oil into the ends. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature but as soon as you put it in your hands it melts away, making it easy to twist into your curls. It’s also amazing for skin and you can eat it too…yum!


Homemade hair oil mixture to define curly hair

Mix together almond, wheatgerm, avocado, argan and carrot oil. An added bonus of the carrot also helps to enhance your red hair shade. For more ways to use carrots to boost gingerness, click here.

Grab a small amount of the hair oil and rub a small amount into your palms and run your fingers through your curls, separating and defining as you go. Let your hair dry naturally. Once dry, shake your hair upside down to get the full volume-tastic effect!

Top tip: To stop hair from frizzing, put oil in when it’s wet so it dries nice and curly, not frizzy.


Products for curly hair



Groovy Food: from £5.99



Lush: UK £10.25 / US $25.95



Neal’s Yard Remedies: £6.50


By Sal

Do you have gorgeous curly ginger hair? Share your photos and curly hair tips!


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