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How to Get Red Hair Like Princess Merida!

How to Get Red Hair Like Princess Merida!

With Pixar movie Brave finally out now and being gingerfully awesome, we’re all thinking, “We want Princess Merida’s red hair!” So, because we’re so lovely to you, here is a step-by-step guide to Brave this wild style!

For naturally wavy or curly ginger hair:

1. For best results, red hair should be be freshly shampooed, and wet or damp.

2. Apply a soft hold mousse or gel.

3. Use hair clips to section and hold hair that you’re not working with out of the way.

4. Wind a small section of hair around your index finger. Roll this section all the way to your scalp around your finger and secure with a hair grip.

5. When your hair is dry, release the section of hair and you should have created a ringlet curl!

6. Repeat steps four and five over all the sections of hair you want to curl.

For naturally straight ginger hair:

1. Shampoo and throughly dry hair.

2. Preheat a curling iron or hot curlers.

3. Part hair into four sections with a comb, two in the front and two in the back.

4. Use hair clips to hold hair that you’re not working on out of the way.

5. Begin with a back section of hair. Wrap a section of hair* around the curling iron barrel, beginning at the bottom and rolling it up toward your scalp. The iron should be held vertically as you roll it.

*If using hot curlers, wrap a section of hair around the curler, beginning at the bottom and rolling it up toward your scalp. Instead of rolling the curlers under or over, they should be rolled sideways so that they end up in a vertical position.

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6. Unroll the curling iron slowly, releasing your hair.

7. Secure the curl in place with a hair pin or clamp while you work on the rest of your hair.

8. Repeat these steps for your entire head of hair.

9. Once your hair is completely cool, gently pull the end of each ringlet for a tousled, Princess Merida look!

With these easy techniques, we can all have Princess-worthy hair, Brave-ing the world!

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By Tasha

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