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Why being ginger during summer is actually pretty awesome

Why being ginger during summer is actually pretty awesome


Summer is here and it’s full on! With the rising temperatures, overloads of sunshine and the increased hours of daylight, it’s hard to stay inside and not enjoy this beautiful season, right?

If you’re a redhead, you might think otherwise. Most of us shy away from sunlight (except for those daredevils out there) and have to spend half our salaries on sunscreen.

For gingers, summer brings along that big fear of getting to look like something that would give a full-ripe tomato a run for its money.

Still, all is not totally lost. Besides the obvious reasons of why summer is glorious (longer days, summer fashion and ice cream – lots of ice cream), being blessed with natural red hair actually gives you some extra reasons to make summer your new favourite season – or at least not as bad as you thought it would be.

Here are three huge reasons why being ginger during summer is actually pretty awesome…


1. No tanning stress

You don’t have that constant urge to tan that dominates your friends’ minds and turns them into these mad, sunlight-seeking creatures as soon as the first UV rays appear.

A day with 15 degrees and a chilly wind – but, NO CLOUDS! – has never appeared to you as “the perfect tanning time”, because in the land of gingerness, there is no such thing as the perfect tan. Or, perhaps, any tan at all.

In fact, there is probably no such thing as a tan for redheads, period (unless you’re one of those weird and wonderful gingers who can tan).

But this lack of tanning is actually quite fortunate, because it frees up a lot of time to do other things you love, such as going into the city or eating ice cream (duh).

Additionally, every little tiny bit of tan or new freckles that you do somehow manage to get, is a huge accomplishment – what others won’t even notice, will make your day!


2. No sand stress

Sunlight will also give you a good reason to cancel on a beach day.

Of course, everyone enjoys some beach every-so-often, but some people make it their home-away-from-home during summer.

But urgh, the sand.

For a redhead, this overexposure to sunlight is an excellent, socially-accepted excuse to pass on a beach day, a.k.a. a day of sand everywhere, from your sandwich to between your teeth to sticking to your sticky sunscreened body to, wait.. how did sand ever get THERE??

Flame-haired pale beauties have the perfect excuse to avoid icky, gritty, uncomfortable sandy experiences.


3. Stay cool, calm and collected

Summer is the perfect time for redheads to cover up in fashionable clothes and items to protect our precious pale skin.

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Where others go for the obvious combo of hot pants and tank top, you will not only be dressed to the nines, but you will also be protected against those big, bad, harmful UV rays at the same time. No sunburn, and the added extra of healthy skin for the long term.. double win!

Alternatively, keep cool with some nifty tricks perfect for redheads (you can even take a leaf out of an orangutan’s book)!


So, bring out those huge sunglasses, your oversized hat and your cute UV awareness bracelet, because summer is really not that bad for redheads. And did I mention ice cream?

Enjoy yourselves!


By Claire


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