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Wearing SPF protection is the best way for redheads to stay in the sun this summer. Aside from stay indoors, of course.

But the heat can get to you too. Sunscreen can only go so far when you’re outside all day, and between 11am and 3pm, it’s recommended to cover up or get out of the sun altogether.

Maxi dresses, sun hats, and kimonos are all great ways to protect your pale skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. And hey, you look good too!

Here are our favourite ways to keep cool, calm and collected when the heat is on this summer…


Green Maxi Dress Topshop


Topshop: £18


Maxi Dress

Ted Baker: £89


Tropical Kimono

New Look: £14.99


Felt Fedora Hat

ASOS: £20


Floral Joggers

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ASOS: £60


By Emma




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