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Sunscreen For Redheads: Lotion, Spray, Oil, Stick, or Powder?

Sunscreen For Redheads: Lotion, Spray, Oil, Stick, or Powder?

Do you become stumped when faced with the sunscreen aisle? Or do you wish that your standard sun care products did something extra-special while it’s busy protecting your skin?

Whether you’re a long-standing fan or completely oblivious to the many sun care options available, here’s a rundown of the different types, so that sensitive redheads can judge what’s best suited to their sun protection needs.

Here’s a hint: high factor SPF should be at the top of the list (but you knew that already).


Lotion vs Spray

P20 Spray

Riemann P20 Protection Spray SPF50+: Was £24.99, Now £19.99

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Superdrug Sun Screen Pack

Superdrug Holiday Sun Lotion Protection Pack: Was £22.99, Now £11

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The everlasting debate between sunscreen preferences will always continue. Some say that lotion gives better coverage, while others say that spray does so.

But whichever you prefer, as long as redheads stick to a high factor SPF, even during cloudy days, that’s the best way to stay protected in the sun.



La Roche Oil Spray


La Roche-Posay ANTHELIOS PROTECTIVE OIL SPF50+: Was £17.50, Now £13.12

Clarins SPF Oil Spray

Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray UVA/UVB 30: £19

Most people associate sun protection oils with people who simply wish to fry in the sun, like a piece of bacon.

But nowadays, there are plenty of high SPF sun oils. So if you prefer quicker absorption in your sun protection, then sun care oil may be a valid option for you.



Clinique Sun Stick


Clinique Targeted Protectection Sun Stick SPF35: £18

Shiseido Sun Stick

Shiseido UV Protective Stick Foundation SPF 30: £29

Compact and practical, the old favourite sun stick is making a modern comeback this summer. Particularly great for water babies and those who like to get active during the summer, the sun stick makes for a great way to know where you’ve applied your sunscreen.

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Also, it’s perfect for cabin baggage when travelling abroad, as it doesn’t need to be included in your bag of 100ml liquids!



La Roche Compact

La Roche-Posay ANTHELIOS COMPACT SPF50+: Was £19.50, Now £14.62


Shiseido Compact

Shiseido Compact SPF 30 or 50: £32

Sometimes, a sticky lotion, spray or oil is just not what you want on your body and face. So it’s happy news that there is such a thing as SPF foundation powder that you can easily find at the make-up counter.

So not only can redheads be adequately protected from the sun, but faces can get some matte coverage, too.


What is your favourite sun care protection product?


By Emma


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