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Redhead Sunscreen Review: Riemann’s P20 SPF 20 Lotion and SPF 30 Spray

Redhead Sunscreen Review: Riemann’s P20 SPF 20 Lotion and SPF 30 Spray

Sunscreen is every redhead’s nemesis. Just three rays of sunlight peeking through the clouds is enough for those with ginger hair to recoil and shield their pale skin, screaming “Gahhh, the sun – it BURNS!”. Yep, just like we’re vampires.

And during the summer months, reapplying sun protection over and over again throughout the day gets tiring, boring and, ultimately, disheartening to the point of a bit embarrassing. It feels like we’re spending more time applying sunscreen than actually enjoying the summer!

But Riemann’s P20 sunscreen promises once-a-day protection that gingers thought they could only dream about.

Are you a bit scared by the thought of a once-a-day sunscreen? Me too. How can any sun protection product be safe for redheads to apply only once and for it to last up to 10 hours?

Well, in the name of research, I put P20’s SPF 20 Lotion and SPF 30 Spray to the test.

The Ginger Test.

Product Review Riemann P20 Sunscreen Products Redheads

Like most natural redheads, I have skin type 1, the palest of the pale. I have freckles, and lots of them, but for most of the year, I’m so pale that I’m almost grey.

Of course, I’m used to covering every inch of exposed skin with sunscreen when the sun is out, particularly during the summer months, clock-watching till I need to reapply; so trusting P20 was a big leap into the unknown.

Upon first application, it was surprising that the consistency of both the lotion and spray is extremely light and oily, and actually comes out as a yellowish colour.

The smell isn’t like usual sun cream; it’s almost the smell of antiseptic. It absorbs into my skin almost immediately, leaving my skin silky and without the stickiness usually felt after applying sun cream.

So far, this is nothing like any sun protection I’ve tried before.

As well as appling the lotion to my body, I wore it underneath my make-up, delighted at the lightweight, non-greasy feel – and no shine at all!

And 15 minutes after application (recommended by the directions on the bottle), I’m ready to bare all. Bring it on, sun.

By this point, the original smell has disappeared completely, and I don’t feel like I’m wearing any sun lotion at all. Success!

Of course, spending 10 hours straight in the sun isn’t a great idea for anyone, no matter what your skin type is, but during the course of the day, I’d say I spent up to four hours in direct sunlight in total. Note: the products used were SPF 20 and 30, and this test was conducted in April in the UK.

The only worry with the product’s effectiveness, is when your skin is immersed in water. The product prides itself on being water-resistant and suitable for use during sporting activities, but you must be careful when drying your skin. If you don’t want to reapply the product after swimming, you must only pat your skin dry or not at all, otherwise you’re in all sorts of lobster shades of trouble.

Also, staining is said to be problematic when P20 comes into direct contact with light-coloured clothing and upholstery, so watch yourself.

Otherwise though, the P20 products are a dream. I can already imagine my summer – filled with relaxing in the sun with friends, rather than fretting over reapplying sunscreen. Also, I’ll be saving money, thanks to the need for less product.

Having spoken with representatives at P20, it is urged for higher SPF factors to be used during the summer months. For natural redheads with sensitive and pale skin, Riemann’s P20 products with SPF 30 and SPF 50+ are recommended.


For more info, see P20’s website.
By Emma


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