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Protecting Your Ginger Hair In Summer

With rumours of a wonderful heatwave on the way, its oh-so lovely in the UK when the sun is shining. But as a freckly pale-skinned girl scared of a tan/burn it can sometimes be tough! Especially on the tops of our heads!

There are around 11,000 cases of malignant melanoma each year in the UK, which are linked to excessive exposure to sunlight and the use of sunbeds.

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And for those of us with pale scalps, the dangers are even greater, with redheads at higher risk of skin cancer.

So for those of us gingers who want to spend some time in the sun and keep our hair and scalp protected, what can we do?



Firstly, there is the trusty wide-brimmed hat. Pros: it keeps your head covered and you look awesome. Con: your head gets very hot!


An alternative could be a head scarf, which can block out the harmful rays and also keep your beach hair/wild woman hair under control.


Sun Protect Spray

One of the best ways to protect your scalp and hair is by using a product before you even get in the sun…


If you want to splash out then try Clarins Radiant Sun Care Oil Spray with SPF 30, available for £19.



Or if you’re on a budget, Boots Soltan Head and Hair Spray SPF 30 works great for £4 and it doesn’t feel too greasy on your hair.


Alternatively, you could sunbathe like this…


…but we’d like to think there are better ways to enjoy the sunshine, and not look like a pair of mummified cats?

And if all else fails, hide under a tree for shade! That’s where I find all the fellow redheads in the heat!

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By Bec


Ginger Parrot

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