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Mother’s Day gift guide for ginger Mums

In three days, Sunday 10 March, it is Mother’s Day in the UK. Yes, it’s that time of year again, my mums favourite time of year…

Mother’s Day comes around so fast, it hits us while we are completely distracted by the sky getting a little bit bluer and the evenings lasting a little longer. But who wouldn’t want to show their mum some appreciation, even if it is with a last-minute gift idea. 

Don’t worry, she will never know. 

Of course, as your redheaded knight in shining armour, we have put together a ‘Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Ginger Mums’. And do you know what, it gets even better. 

Each gift can be delivered by Sunday OR you can find them at your local supermarket! You can thank us later!


If you’re not big on Mother’s Day, a simple card will do. We say simple, but of course, add some ginger spice to it!

Orange Flowers

I honestly think anybody will appreciate a nice bunch of flowers, on any day of the year. But a big bunch of orange flowers for a redheaded mother… You really can’t go wrong. 

If you don’t live near your mum, you can always get them delivered – no excuses!

Ginger Perfume

Ginger infused perfume… Yes, its so special because not many people have heard about it either!

Buying someone a scent is one of the most meaningful gifts in my opinion, they can literally be reminded of you every day if they wanted too. All they need to do is put on some perfume!

Of course, it all depends on your budget, but there are a range of brands to choose from!

Personalised T-Shirt 

A personalised t-shirt is the perfect gift for mothers who don’t enjoy all of the soppy stuff. You can add up to 9 members of the family in too, so it is also a great way to make your mum laugh on Mother’s Day!

If you look closely, you can see that I already had some fun with this one.

You can even go one step further and get a real picture printed onto a t-shirt to make your mum smile. 

Orange Diamond Necklace

There is nothing better than a diamond necklace, Marylyn Monroe will tell you that. Wait, yes there is. An orange diamond necklace is a great way to light up your mums’ eyes on Mother’s Day! 

This necklace is affordable, classy and available in gold or silver. Why wait? Order one now!

Orange Earrings

There is also a fantastic range of orange diamond earrings to choose from.

Huggy hoops are my personal favourite, simply because of how versatile they are. They can be dressed up, dressed down or even stacked with other pieces of jewellery. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy a cold glass of orange wine – especially mothers’ with orange hair!

Boasting flavours of orange blossoms, dried apricots, pears and honey, orange wine feels like more of a treat, compared to a bottle of red wine or white. This particular bottle is also special because it is suitable for vegans. 

Orange Chocolates

Of course, you could always get your mum a bar of chocolate, but doesn’t a box of orange chocolates just seem so much… nicer?

Ginger Chocolate

If you have opted for the bar of chocolate, spice it up and get some ginger chocolate! This bar is also suitable for all of the vegan mothers out there!

Gingerful Rose and Henna-infused Shampoo and Conditioner

Of course, to recognise they unique orange locks, hair products that have been carefully curated by redheads for redheads, will go down a treat. 

Trust me when I say that Gingerful’s Rose and Henna-infused Shampoo and Conditioner have been carefully designed to help redheads keep their colour. The mixtures are both vegan and sulphate free, and are guaranteed to leave your mums hair feeling nourished, clean and most importantly – bright!

By now, you must have heard of our good friend, Redhead Revolution. Their best-selling mascara for redheads, the Gingerlash mascara is available in the Ginger Parrot store, no less!

And better yet, the whole formula is vegan, and it comes in two shades! To match your mums shade of hair, you can choose between Honest Auburn and Genuine Ginger.

Red Lipstick 

Sticking to the makeup theme, is your mum one of those glamourous mums who looks as if she had just walked out of a Devil Wears Prada scene? If so, then you must treat her to a new red lipstick, – you can’t get more Miranda Priestly than that!

Whether she have warm or cold undertones, a red lipstick will not only elevate your mums look. 

Redhead Bobby Pins

I don’t know about you, but if I bought my mum ginger hair grips, she would not only be impressed, but she would also know how much I care about redhead inclusivity!

Hair grips/bobby pins that have literally been made for redheads are hard to find, especially in high-street stores like Superdrug and Boots. But don’t worry, Redhead Revolution have got gingers covered – in two shades too! 

Ginger Candle

A candle is so much more than a candle… if that makes any sense. 

Buying your mum a ginger infused candle will not only show how much you love her carrot-coloured locks, but it could even inspire her to treat herself to a pamper evening too! 

Pair this candle with a facemask from your local Boots or Superdrug and you’ve created your very own “at-home spa” day! 

A bottle of prosecco wouldn’t go a miss *wink* 

Orange Dressing Gown

Okay so, we are really going with the “at-home spa” theme. A linen dressing gown, especially an orange dressing gown, is great for the warmer mornings – which are finally on their way! 

This robe is not only great for mums who enjoy doing your makeup or hair before going out, but most importantly, it also inspires busy mums to relax. And come on, isn’t every mum a busy mum?

UK Mother’s Day is on Sunday 10 March, don’t forget to celebrate your mum and any mother figure in your life!

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