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The best stocking filler gifts for redheads

The best stocking filler gifts for redheads

Christmas movies make present shopping look so fun and relaxing, but come on, everyone knows how fast November and December pass by, and before you know it, you’re rushing around to finish your Christmas shopping!

Finding the perfect gift for someone is hard, but giving a stocking full of items that are made for redheads, you simple can’t go wrong! 

Red lipstick:

There is a big myth out there that says that redheads can’t, or shouldn’t, wear red lipstick. But that’s all a load of rubbish in our opinion.

Stylists and beauticians have actually found that deep shades of red compliment ginger hair. Whether you have warm or cold undertones, red lipstick will not only elevate a redhead’s look, but it also looks very festive! Read more about wearing red lipstick as a redhead

SPF moisturiser:

A moisturiser is a great gift at any time of year, and should be used by everyone. And taking the time to choose one that contains SPF just says “I love you, take care of your lovely delicate skin” to your favourite redhead.

What makes this particular daily moisturiser especially perfect for redheads, is that it contains a high SPF factor of 50 to help protect against UVB rays and UVA rays! Because, yes, those pesky UV rays are about all year round (even on a cloudy day!)

Gingerbread treats:

Sweet treats in a stocking are a must have, so why not stick to the redhead theme and add in some gingerbread biscuits. 

Ginger chocolate:

If biscuits seem too bland for your redheaded recipient, you could always opt for some ginger chocolate instead.

Redhead bobby pins/hair grips:

Hair grips/bobby pins that have literally been made for redheads are hard to come by, specifically in high-street stores like Superdrug, Boots and Target. So, we know that our friends over at Redhead Revolution have got gingers covered – in two shades too! 

I don’t know about you, but ginger hair grips would not only impress me, they would also show how much people care about redhead inclusivity!

The Gingerlash mascara:

Speaking of Redhead Revolution, their best-selling mascara for redheads comes in two gorgeous shades, and is available in the Ginger Parrot store, no less!

And better yet, it is vegan and comes in two shades, Honest Auburn and Genuine Ginger. 

Ginger beard products:

If your redhead recipient boasts a fiery beard, then a beard bundle would be the perfect addition to their stocking!

You may recognise Owen James, the redheaded and bearded influencer who is partnered with The Beard Struggle and promotes their products!

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Gingerful hair products for redheads:

Of course, Gingerful’s hair products for redheads can also be used on beards. They work to boost vibrancy of any hair that contains red tones within it, so comes beard-recommended!

Both the Henna & Rose shampoo and conditioner (and yes, their treaty hair mask, too) contain, a specific level of henna that gradually enhance natural or dyed red hair within permanently dyeing strands. They work in coherence with your shade too, so whether you have dark auburn or light strawberry blonde, the henna works with your level of shade. 

Gingerful nourishing hair mask for redheads:

This is a buttery treat in a way. You can buy the hair mask on its own or within Gingerful’s Henna & Rose shampoo, conditioner and hair mask bundle. Depending on the size of the stocking, why not buy all three!

After all, the products are all vegan, sulfate-free and silicone-free. They all come in a sustainable bottle and jar, made with 100% recycled plastic!


“This is what an awesome ginger looks like”. Hell yeah it is!

Something fun always works well as a stocking filler.

This mug was quite literally made for redheads. During the festive season, everyone needs a favourite mug for all those hot beverages (preferably containing ginger, of course)!

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