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Christmas dinner outfits for redheads

Christmas dinner outfits for redheads

Finding something to wear for Christmas dinner usually makes your (red)head want to explode and results in a last-minute panic buy where your stress levels are through the roof.

But, don’t worry, we know that comfort is key, so everyone can calm down and thank their lucky stars – we’ve got you covered!

From casual items that don’t make it look like you have just rolled out of bed, to classy dresses – here is our shortlist of Christmas dinner outfits:

Blazer / blazer dress:

Blazers are a great addition to any wardrobe, simply because they are so versatile. A blazer can be dressed up or dressed down and can be made to fit any occasion! 

If you’re like me, someone who loves to eat plates and plates of festive food, you can size up and wear this blazer as a dress! This way, you still look the part, but you won’t have to worry about feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

If you are going to a dinner that is a little bit more “dressy-casual”, a glitter blazer is one of the best ways to finish off your casual jeans or trousers look. Depending on which colour metal you suits your red hair and complexion, you can opt for either a silver or a gold version of this blazer.

Velvet dress:

Nothing screams “It’s Christmas!” more than a velvet dress.  

Velvet is great for two things: it looks classy and expensive, but it is also lovely and warm.

This dress is not tight on the stomach, and it also in two other colours that are so flattering for redheads – brown and royal blue!

Velvet jumpsuit:

If you don’t enjoy wearing dresses, or are going for a more casual look, why not go for a jumpsuit?

Velvet is already festive and “dressy”, so just opt for a velvet jumpsuit instead!  

Satin slip dress:

Just like how redheads can’t go wrong with wearing greens, browns, blues and burnt orange tones, you can’t go wrong with wearing a satin slip dress for Christmas dinner.

Satin slip dresses make eating loads of food look comfortable, because duh, they are not body tight and slip right off you!

Satin is also a cheaper version of silk, so it creates the illusion that you’ve made an expensive effort – but in reality, it doesn’t matter as much if you spill gravy on it.

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Another great thing about wearing a satin slip dress, is that they usually boast a “party in the back” moment. Most satin dresses include a backless, lace-up feature or some form of detailing on the back.

Glitter Christmas jumper:

Of course, you can never have too much glitter on Christmas Day. While nobody wants to be looking like Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones, believe it or not, a Christmas jumper is a great piece to wear to a Christmas dinner! 

Christmas knitwear can often be a bit of an eyesore, and while we wouldn’t change that for the world, it’s not the only option.

You can get jumpers like these in many colours, but isn’t this navy piece just perfect for a more casual setting?

Christmas pyjamas:

We have well and truly ran with the “comfort is key” motto with this one! 

If there is any day of the year where it is acceptable to attend a dinner party in your pyjamas, Christmas Day is THAT day.

Pyjamas are practical and comfy, so who wouldn’t want to wear them all evening? Like these ones, and as a fellow redhead, you can spice up your look by choosing a pair that has gingerbread all over them!

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