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Do redheads suit silver or gold jewellery?

Do redheads suit silver or gold jewellery?

The jewellery camp is split in two. You are either on team gold or on team silver. Have you ever wondered why you gravitate towards either gold or silver jewellery? What does your metal choice reveal about you? And, as a redhead, how do you choose whether silver or gold suits you and your complexion and red hair?

Jewellery is not only of sentimental value, but it also has deeper meanings attached to it. Accessories often reflect someone’s mood, social status, and culture – jewellery does the same. Many people often consider the meaning behind each jewellery choice, as it is heavily linked to identity. 



Just like make-up, metal colour can enhance certain undertones in your skin. For redheads out there who have cool undertones, silver is the one for you. 

Silver jewellery tends to flatter those with fair skin, and red/pink undertones. However, people who have darker skin tones, and cool undertones also look great wearing silver accessories. It’s all about the undertones people! 

Do I have cool undertones? Will silver jewellery suit me?

You will most likely have cool undertones and suit silver jewellery best if you answer mostly ‘yes’ to the following:

  • You have blue/grey/aqua/deep brown eyes
  • You have a blueish tint to your veins in your wrist

Silver symbolises purity, vision, clarity, and strength, and it is used by spiritualists all over the world for money drawing magic. Silver is often compared to the moon, as it reflects light in the same way. Unlike gold, this metal gives off a modern, stylish, and youthful feel. Silver jewellery is usually cheaper than gold. 



Gold suits people who have warm undertones. Having a darker skin tone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have warmer undertones, and vice versa for lighter skin, which is a common mistake that people sometimes make.

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Do I have warm undertones? Will gold jewellery suit me?

You will most likely have warm undertones and suit gold jewellery best if you answer mostly ‘yes’ to the following:

  • You have hazel/clear blue/brown eyes
  • You have a greenish tint to your veins in your wrist

Gold jewellery is often on the pricier side of the market. Like silver, according to spiritualists, gold also holds some symbolism. Gold is thought to be a symbol of wealth, considering its value, which brings luck to those who wear it. Those who wear this metal are thought of as peaceful, happy, and strong people. Gold is the most versatile metal, as it has many different hues compared to silver. These gold hues include: rose, white, yellow, blue, green, purple, grey, and black.

Wearing a mixture of silver and gold jewellery is a stylish and bold statement – which has recently become a very popular fashion trend. So, if you can’t decide, wear both!

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