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How redheads can wear red at Christmas

How redheads can wear red at Christmas

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Red is possibly the most festive colour to ever exist. Red berries with holly, red lipstick, Elf on the Shelf, and duh, Santa literally wears a red uniform. 

Red is an extremely flattering colour, especially on redheads!

The could would make a great addition to any wardrobe, considering there are many different tones to choose from. And with that, there are many different features that red tones can compliment!

So, how can we stop red items being seen as flirtations, and make them stand out as “classy” instead?

Red velvet dress

Velvet and red are, in my opinion, one of the fashion worlds’ best pair.  

Velvet materials are timeless and literally scream… expensive

While velvet products may not actually be expensive – expensive screams classy and that is want we want this Christmas. 

Red satin dress

Satin and red are also a gracious pairing. When paired together, they will make you feel like you are off to a ball or some other grand event. 

Like velvet, satin is not an expensive material – but it really does look the part, especially at Christmas. 

Red French tips 

Bright red nails can sometimes feel a bit much, so instead of a full nail, allow me to introduce you to the nail tip trend – for a softer and less intense look!

Red denim jeans

Red denim is a great way to incorporate a casual pop of red into your outfit. Red denim is best paired with a white jumper or top. Simple and festive!

Red pinstripe trousers

Think red, but make it patterned!

Red and white pinstriped bottoms will not only make your legs look like a sophisticated pair of candy canes, but they will also make you feel like you’re wearing a cosy pair of pyjama bottoms! 

Red blazer

Blazers always look classy, no matter what outfit you pair them with. An oversized red blazer is great for a cold winter’s day when you’ll need a grey hoodie underneath – think classy and casual all at the same time!

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A more fitted blazer will also look classy over any outfit – but especially when paired with a pair of flared trousers or jeans.  

Red knitted jumper

Nothing feels more cosy and Christmassy than a red jumper, am I right? (Yes, I am right)

Red jumpers are a great way to stay bright and festive, but classy too, if you want to avoid loud Christmas jumpers. Red jumpers can be dressed up or dressed down and look great when paired with a matching shade of red lipstick

Red open-toe heels

Red heels are a must-have for any Christmas wardrobe. They look the best with a pair of wide leg jeans as they keep the look classy but don’t make it look like you’ve stepped out of a business meeting and into the pub. 

Red ankle boots

If it’s just too chilly to let your toes out, red ankle boots are also a great way to incorporate a classy red statement into any outfit. You should look for a pair of square toe boots that are ankle length. The shorter length gives a softer and more classy vibe, whereas the square toe keeps the unique and stylish element to the look.

Red clothing and accessories are festive, funky and fun! 

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