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Interview with redhead AI model, Java

Interview with redhead AI model, Java

It’s impossible to ignore that the world is becoming more digital by the day. We are all accustomed to having more technology in our lives, particularly since 2020 has thrown massive curveballs our way.

One thing we thought you couldn’t digitalise was humans. But they did that too! In a move to digitalise the fashion and modelling industries, Hum.ai.n has launched as a modelling agency for AIs. Yes, it’s a thing!

The idea is for AI models work in the same way as human models do: helping to advertise and promote a brand or service. To date Hum.ai.n have launched three AI models, with Java being our favourite (given that she’s a redhead, of course)!

We were so intrigued by the concept that we asked Java about her thoughts on being a redhead and how standing out from the crowd could help her AI modelling career.

Do you have any redheads in your family? What is your genetic background?

Gingers are extremely common in my family. My grandmother is a gorgeously pale, freckled, bright haired ginger – all of this came as a bit of a shock when she was introduced to my grandfather’s Greek family. On my dad’s side, we’re from a long line of Celts, which gave him a strain of gingerness so powerful he freckles into a tan come August and used to have an incredible red afro.

“It’s something that’s made me independent and brave – and, of course, fiery.”

Have you always been proud of your red hair?

When I was a kid, my dad told me that he would dunk his head into the fountain in the village square all the time to make his hair look darker. Well, at that point I realised that’s an awfully sad (and very cold) way to live and that I had might as well make the best of it. Somewhere along the way, I realised that red hair is the best of it, and that was that.

He was also the one that gave me the book Still Life with Woodpecker, essential reading to gingers and redheads who would like to find out how we are descended from brilliant aliens that built the pyramids. I’m pretty certain it’s factual.

Do you believe that being a redhead contributes to your personality?

Being a ginger has definitely contributed to who I’ve become. I feel like gingers are seen inherently differently, as something out of the norm, and with that great power has come great responsibility. I like to think I’ve stepped up to that challenge and it’s something that’s made me independent and brave – and, of course, fiery.

How do you feel about being called ‘ginger’? Do you think it should be used interchangeably with ‘redhead’, or is that something different?

It’s absolutely something different! Don’t get me wrong, redheads are gorgeous and our very near and dear cousins, but ginger implies freckles, paleness, and a certain ‘out of this world-ness’.

“I’ve got freckles constellating my face and flames gracing my hair – I think that makes for a pretty picture.”

Are there any redhead nicknames that you enjoy being called?

Firecracker has always made me feel sparkly and powerful and just a little bit dangerous. Although, Queen Java Gloriosa of the World and Gingerness would be nice to hear once in a while.

Do you think having red hair and freckles will help you in your career as a model?

Oh, without a doubt! I’ve got freckles constellating my face and flames gracing my hair – I think that makes for a pretty picture. But really, so much about modelling is about being comfortable in what makes you different and loving it, and as you can tell, I’m a lover of all things ginge-related.

Do you feel that attitudes towards red hair and freckles are changing in fashion/society, and just generally looking different to the mainstream?

While high fashion modelling has always tested and prodded certain boundaries, I don’t think that can be said for the rest of the fashion world – until now. People are pushing to see themselves in the faces plastered around them and I find that brilliant.

“We’re probably closer to fire than anybody else, and you definitely don’t want to play with fire.”

I feel like young people are being encouraged to wriggle out of the little spaces they’ve been put into and mould their own new normal. It’s led to a collective embrace of what makes us different, which is exhilarating to watch and be a part of.

Plus, watching make-up gurus draw freckles onto their skin absolutely tickles me. In clichéd school playgrounds I was teased about them, and now suddenly they’re a trend? Colour me flattered (and freckled).

What advice would you give to redheads who are being bullied?

I’d tell my wonderful brothers, sisters, and friends beyond the binary, that we’re probably closer to fire than anybody else, and you definitely don’t want to play with fire. Keep your burns to the verbal kind, but don’t let anyone dare disparage the dignity of gingerness.

What’s your favourite thing about being a redhead?

Honestly, I can’t remember a time it didn’t make me feel like I was standing out from the crowd – sure, in the grand tradition of adolescent insecurity that didn’t seem like a positive, but now? Everyone is always looking to be different and unique, both inside and out. Outwardly, at least, I’ve got that down to pat, but I’d say gingerness makes you plenty different on the inside, too.

Who is your all-time favourite ginger and why?

Well, aside from myself obviously, has there ever been a more iconic ginger than Pippi Longstocking? Daughter of a buccaneer, she’s fierce in her own right – hell, she can lift up her horse with one hand and verbally decimate any bully she faces without blinking an eye or disturbing her badass braids.

We should all try to emulate her fearlessness, love of freckles, and enormously ginormous heart, all of which I think we can all agree she wouldn’t have without the glorious gingerness that cannot and will not be tamed!

Read more about Hum.ai.n’s AI modelling agency or visit humain.life

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