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Redhead AI modelling is now a thing

“As if 2020 could get any more mind-blowing”, we thought. But yep, it can, and here it is. With the increased development of artificial intelligence, we’re now faced with an actual modelling agency for AIs: Hum.ai.n.

Hum.ai.n is all about making the fashion industry more diverse and inclusive. Their first three models have now made their debut, so meet UNIX, MOSI and JAVA, a redhead!

They say of JAVA: “This freckled beauty is turning heads with her unique features, winning over her audience by demanding the truthful image of beauty be represented in the industry.

“Old concepts of pore-free beauty are no longer relevant. The beauty industry needs a revival: real and hyper-pigmented are the new ideal.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Also writing on their Instagram, Hum.ai.n said: “With their poise and effortless beauty, @hum.ai.n ‘s newest faces bring an ethereal sense of beauty to the technological era of fashion.

“With tech’s unstoppable momentum, HUM.AI.N introduces new talent that pushes the trend forward and their unique digital identities, the soon-to-be top walkers of the upcoming seasons present digital garments that could solve fashion’s sustainability problem while going beyond the boundaries of physicality.”

The subject of AI and CGI modelling is particularly topical at the moment, as social distancing causes many difficulties for in-person photoshoots to take place right now. Even once you get past the issues of travel, these situations are often very close quarters between stylists, make-up artists, models, photographers and more, so the increased prevalence of AI modelling isn’t all that surprising.

Is this the future for the fashion industry? It seems likely. It certainly helps to cut down on the costs, time and environmental impact that come with holding a photoshoot, and as technology continues to improve, the level of detail and adaptability of digital models and influencers cannot be denied.

This isn’t a wholly new idea, though. Take Miquela Sousa, a 19-year-old (and I guess she always will be) digital influencer, model and musician with more than two million followers on Instagram, who has collaborated with the likes of Prada and Givenchy to date. Or Shudu, the world’s first digital supermodel who just last month worked on an ad campaign with Samsung.

Who knows, you may need to look twice when you see fashion photography from now on: human or robot?

By Emma


Emma Kelly is the Editor & Founder of Ginger Parrot. She dresses herself in mismatched multi-seasonal clothing and has a talent for sniffing out the next opportunity for coffee. She believes that any new band with a female musician is the next big thing and that whoever is currently dating Ryan Gosling is the luckiest lady on earth. Her biggest obsession is shopping online for castles, (probably) fueled by childish fantasies of finding her prince and settling down for a life of luxury, bathing in a pool of gin and bitter lemon. Other than that, though, she’ll be incessantly researching the latest gingerful news to deliver to Gingerkind.