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Halloween Costumes for Redheads: Fanta, Irn Bru, Tango

Halloween Costumes for Redheads: Fanta, Irn Bru, Tango

There are many nicknames for redheads out there, so why not play on one of them for the sake of your Halloween costume?

And this way, when someone tells you that your hair looks like orangeade, or shouts “Oi, Fanta!” at you, you can say, “Yes, you’re right”! Here’s how to get the look…


You will need:

Long red hair

A large soda bottle (empty!) without its lid – it doesn’t have to be Fanta, you could use Irn Bru or Tango too, or just regular orangeade

A plastic cup

An Alice band


How to do it:

1. Use a sharp knife or scissors to cut a straight line around 5 inches long lengthways down your bottle.

2. Similarly, make a 2 inch slice lengthways down the middle of your plastic cup.

3. Poke one end of the Alice band through the slice of your plastic cup, so that it fits snugly inside. Tape to secure across the sliced section of the cup.

4. Before assembling the costume, and to make things even more gingerful, wear your most orange clothing!

5. Time to put everything together. Put your long red hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Use a second elastic band to secure your ponytail a couple of inches from the end of your strands (this is to hold things together while you feed it through the bottle).

6. Next, put on your Alice band/cup piece. Then, hold the soda bottle at the top of your head where your ponytail starts, feed your ponytail through the slice of the bottle (the plastic can be sharp, so be careful), angling the hair to go towards the top of the bottle.

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7. Pull the ponytail through the top of the bottle, remove the second elastic band on your ponytail, and let it fall into place in the cup on your Alice band.


We’ve listed this as a Halloween costume for redheads, but quite frankly, this fancy dress outfit will be perfect for any time of year!


By Emma


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