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Ginger emojis are technically available on Apple RIGHT NOW

Ginger emojis are technically available on Apple RIGHT NOW

Dear ginger, do you get more and more exasperated with every ginger emoji update we post? We don’t blame you, we do too.

But a little more fuel has been added to our fire (pun intended) today, as Apple fully confirmed that iOS 12.1 will deliver our long-awaited and looooong-deserved redhead emojis to Apple products.

Which means (drum roll please)…

Ginger emojis are available RIGHT NOW on Apple’s publicly available iOS 12.1 beta 2 release!

Yes, really! This is FOR REAL – you can download and use redhead emojis right now.

It’s a little complicated how to download the beta version of iOS 12.1 (remember to back-up first – these updates may contain glitches), so follow these handy steps.

However, if you’d prefer to wait until the official release (we’ve waited so long anyway), by our calculations and research, iOS 12.1 will be with us around the end of October or early November 2018. What a treat for gingerkind!

And if you’re on Android, redhead emojis are already available as part of version 9.0 “Pie” for compatible devices, including Pixel and Essential phones.

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