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**Update: ginger emojis were expected to be released on Apple products with their iOS 12 release on 17 September 2018. However, this didn’t happen. We plan to find out what’s happening and let you know!**


To say that the entire ginger community is on the edge of their seats waiting for redhead emojis is a wild understatement. Quite frankly, we’re all getting rather impatient.

Apple’s confirmed emojis, soon to be released in iOS 12

But the wait is almost over, our Apple-addicted gingers! While we sat checking the latest iOS 12 release date news for the umpteenth time, we thought: “Why don’t we just calculate and predict when redhead emojis are most likely to arrive on iPhones?” So, we did.

While it is true that Apple keep extremely shtum about their upcoming iOS release dates, it is widely known that they tend to release their updates around the same time every year. And, from our incessant Googling, it seems that there’s a bit of a pattern that past iOS release dates have followed:

iOS 11: Tuesday 19 September 2017

iOS 10: Tuesday 13 September 2016

So, the smart deduction from these would be a Tuesday release around the middle of September. If we placed our bet, it would be…

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Will we be right? We’ll find out soon enough! Until then, put Tuesday 18 September 2018 in your diary to check for available updates – redheads are coming to an iPhone near you very soon!


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