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Ed Sheeran’s ginger cats join Instagram!

Ed Sheeran’s ginger cats join Instagram!

As a redhead, are you drawn to animals who share your ginger tinge? We can’t blame you, they are utterly adorable (as are all redheads). So it’s no surprise when a redhead responds to this instinctive bond by procuring red-haired pets to add to their household.

The way we see it, it’s one step closer to achieving Weasley family bliss.




Ed Sheeran clearly shares this way of thinking, as both of his cats, Calippo and Dorito, are ginger. Their popularity to the rest of the world is evident, too, as since their paws have taken to Instagram on their own account @thewibbles, they’ve so far garnered more than a quarter of a million followers.




Plenty of adoring comments keep rolling in, too, which isn’t surprising considering that research shows that ginger cats are the most popular shade of all our feline friends!

Which is your favourite ginger animal?


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