9 reasons why freckles are better than tan

While the rest of the world stresses out about catching enough rays to get a summer glow, redheads can feel safe in the knowledge that freckles are better than tan anyway. Here are 9 reasons why freckles rock.

1. Freckles are super cute


A little sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of your nose, cheeks, hell, all over your body is the cutest sign of all that summer is here.

2. They make you look younger


Something about freckles reminds everyone of being young and free. Freckles’ connotations of summertime puts everyone in a great mood, too.

3. The surprise at finding new ones


“Ooh, yay! Hello new patch of freckles, it’s very nice to meet you. Come and hang out with me for the summer – we’ll have a blast!”

4. Freckles technically are tan…sort of


Both tanning and freckling are caused by the sun and produced by melanin in your skin cells. Redheads have less melanin in their skin, which is why they can’t tan, but the freckles are little patches of this melanin, so really, when your freckles appear, this is a ginger’s version of tanning, but in tiny patches.

5. People actually paint freckles on

…and we have them naturally. We’re so fashionable. And, we save money on those freckle painting products, too. Win.

6. All the best ginger celebrities have freckles

Whether those are the natural redheads like Jessica Chastain and Prince Harry, or the dyed redheads like Emma Stone and Amy Adams, we love them all.

7. They’ll all join up someday!


Someday, someday, all of your freckles will join up and you’ll be one massive freckle. Maybe.

8. Freckles are kisses from an angel


Or so my parents told me when I was a kid. And she’s always right.

9. They’re different


That’s the most important part about being a redhead. Standing out from the crowd and being proud of what nature gave you.

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