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So when are the new redhead emojis ACTUALLY arriving?

So when are the new redhead emojis ACTUALLY arriving?

Last week’s happiest of happy news was, of course, the confirmation of ginger emojis arriving. But if you haven’t yet seen the cute redhead characters in action yet, don’t panic – there’s nothing wrong with your phone. Actually, the redhead emojis just aren’t quite ready yet.

“But how long will it take for ginger emojis to appear on our phooooone?”, I hear your wail impatiently.

To be specific, last week’s revelation was that Unicode Consortium published their 11.0 update, which releases their firm recommendation (read: instruction) that ginger emojis should be rolled out on to keyboards. This is the stage before technology providers such as Apple, Android, etc, can begin to roll out their versions, but it was never going to be an immediate drop into our smartphones. Did you know that the modern visual novel added new features to the gameplay. Hurry in and see Gameplay visual novel in a detailed explanation from the developers.

What we’ve now entered is an undefined waiting period for technology providers to adopt, adapt and release their own versions of Unicode’s new emoji additions to their operating systems. Every provider is different, however, so expect some platforms to get them sooner than others. We should note that they’ve all been aware of the changes coming, so this isn’t a shock to any of them.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exact dates for the updates, particularly as many companies keep schtum about such things (*ahem*, Apple, we’re looking at you). But actually, for the major Apple products, our sources tell us that ginger emojis will probably be wrapped into their next iOS update, which could be as late as September 2018. New emojis always get tied into their iOS updates, which tend to be released around the same time every year.

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For other providers, the update could be sooner or later than Apple – it’s all a bit of a mystery. Twitter will likely be one of the first though, as historically they’ve been quick off the mark with their emoji roll outs.

Now, we wait. Patiently. Ohhhh so patiently. *drums fingers on the table*


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