Ginger emojis are only days away from being released!

Hold onto your red heads, fellow gingers! Redhead emojis could be with us as soon as next week, if you can believe such a beautiful thing!

News has dropped that Unicode’s Emoji 11.0 update (the important one, with all the gingers) will be released this Tuesday 5th June 2018! From then on, devices will begin rolling out their redhead emojis (plus over 150 other characters), so all of our smartphones could be graced with bright, cheery and gingerful faces very soon!

Don’t expect anything to happen immediately though. Twitter has historically rolled out theirs very quickly, but the likes of Apple and Android will likely take a little longer as they tie the changes into their general operating system updates.

If everyone could please pause for a moment of recognition at what has been achieved here. Every single one of your 21,795 signatures on has been working up to this. All of the frustration, heartache and disappointment is worth it now.

So give yourselves a pat on the back, dearest protesting redheads, because these ginger emojis belong to every single one of us.

Let 2018 be known as the year that gingers WIN!



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