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Freckle Tattoos Take Over Un-Speckled Faces The World Over

Freckle Tattoos Take Over Un-Speckled Faces The World Over

Freckles may be ‘imperfections’ in the eyes of some (ahem, I’m looking at you,, but the rest of the world knows better.

People adore those tiny patches of tan so much that some un-speckled humans are choosing to permanently tattoo freckles onto their skin.


Tattooed freckles is an art form in itself, with an hour of permanent freckling coming out at around $250 per hour.


Yup, freckles are really in right now. (Actually, freckles have always been cool, it just took some people longer to realise it)

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People love them, and who can blame them? Cute and flirty, seeing freckles across the bridge of a nose is an indicator that summer is here, or, if you’re lucky, that you’re looking upon one of the rarest creations in the world: natural redheads.

For the majority of gingers, we fortunately already boast these kisses from angels (well that’s what my mum calls them, anyway), so at least we can pocket our $250 for something worthwhile. More sunscreen, perhaps?

The message to take away from this is clear: embrace your freckles, and pity those who don’t have them.


By Emma


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